Specialized Licenses now available for idiots on Xbox Live (Bitmob)

The team at Xbox Live is now awarding special licenses to Xbox Live users who are deemed idiotic enough.

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illegalyouth2683d ago

If only this were true. These licenses would be great if it would make filtering those people out of matches easier.

choadley2683d ago

I guess it's true: You need certification to do anything these days.

Wuu2683d ago ShowReplies(1)
X-Zone2683d ago

So every member of Xbox Live is an idiot? At least their getting tagged now so they can be kept in pens

XRider2683d ago

That was funny, it's trolling, but funny.

outlawlife2683d ago

never have to deal with the idiots any more, party chat is a godsend

...except in the stupid games which disable it (modern warfare 2)

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The story is too old to be commented.