Ho-pimping RPG coming to 3DS

And it's marketed towards girls? That's right.

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Cookigaki2713d ago

I'd like a pimping simulator using move or kinect. I need to work on my pimp slapping skills

longcat2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

i hear that

my pimp hand's not what it used to be

Xof2713d ago

Shounen Manga are Japanese comics aimed at boys. They teach the following lessons about sex:
1. It's the final goal of a relationship
2. You have to be in love
3. It's a lot of work
4. Be monogamous, or everyone will hate you forever.

Seinen Manga are Japanese comics aimed a girls. They teach the following lessons about sex:
1. Rape is how all good relationships start.
2. You can fuck anyone, as long as you apologize later.
3. Incest is A-OK.
4. Rape is awesome. You should totally fall in love with your rapist.
5. If you don't lose your virginity to a much older man by the age of 13, you'll become a shriveled up hag.

Hicken2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


Shounen manga ARE aimed at boys, but they rarely actually have much to do with sex; a shounen manga is more likely to have to do with being perverted than outright having sex or doing more than kissing a girl. All the things you listed are more along the lines of SHOUJO manga, which is directed toward girls.

Seinen manga are aimed at young adult males, and also follow NONE of those guidelines. There are some popular series in which one or more of those things are prevalent, but since most of these relate to girls anyway, you're wrong on all front.

Josei manga are far more likely to have sexual content than shoujo manga, since the latter is directed at younger girls (the magical girl genre is shoujo, for example), while the former is the female version of seinin: that is, for young adult women.

It occurred to me from the start that you were trolling, but since you're so bad at it, I felt I HAD to respond. Additionally, bubbles down for the ignorance.

Edit: In regards to the claim that the game is "pimping," or is based on something considered thus, it's fallacy. A hostess is paid solely for entertaining an individual. That is that say, they get paid to pretend like they care about the crap you tell them. They do so while you buy drinks, which cost buttloads of money, which is really how host clubs make their revenue. Rarely does a hostess have sex or otherwise get involved with a client outside the job, as obsessions/pregnancies/emotion s are bad for business.

Far more common is that a host (the male equivalent) will sleep with a female client or otherwise take advantage of a woman.