Tales of Xilia- Mystery character Shian Rem uncovered

Remember the mysterious white-haired female character first spotted on the game's box art?

Shonen Jump's latest issue sheds light on this character allegedly known as Shian Rem.
Brand new Cooking system was also revealed.

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ps4me2630d ago

lets hope for a Western release of such a highly anticipated JRpg releasing exclusively on the PS3 in Japan this Fall.

shreeveera2630d ago

The character models are absolutely Gorgeous.

CrescentFang2630d ago

Will Jude have all the girls at the end? Can we take different paths? Or is there only one path and is that path a harem ending? lol, jk
Aside from that, I didn't notice that woman until now, (the picture in the article is a little small, but I can still see her)

geniusgamerdoc2630d ago

Seconding your comment on Jude having all the Harem goodness.. Namco I beg you to bring this game to us..I shall buy a Limited edition Takes of Graces F to support this thing to happen.

shreeveera2630d ago


All the features of a harem anime...
Lets wait for the Westernisation of this Title...

ShawnCollier2629d ago

This turned out to be a fake rumor, btw.