The Gears of War 2 Wish List

"Epic Games has been quite vocal about the big future they see in the (Gears of War) franchise, ensuring plenty more games will pour out of the mythology. Before we get any party games or RTS spin-offs though, we'll get Gears of War 2 and here is our feature wish list."

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Charlie26884061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Here is what I want to see in Gears 2

-Longer Campaign at least 10-12 hours
-Better story more character development, plot twists, unexpected stuff...SOMETHING!
-Better weapons, knowing Epics history with weapons Gears were pretty generic for its pedigree, more Locusts weapons would be nice
-Better Boss battles, the Corpser was a joke, more stuff in the caliber of the first battle with the Berserk
-More variety in the enemies, drones 24/7 is not that fun and the Locusts have a LOT of potential in enemy variety, better AI
-More variety in scenarios, not everything has to be trashed or destroyed streets/building, a little more color?
-Bigger battles, dozens of allies and enemies in a BIG scenario a la COD
-More vehicles interaction, on rails shooting, driving tanks etc
-Improved multiplayer, more modes that are actually different, modes that have respawn, increased player support, ability to customize you character
-Keep the masochist level of difficulty of Insane :P
-More complex animations, specially for the killings :D!
-4 Player co-op?

drewdrakes4061d ago

Destructible environments would be nice too.

Skerj4061d ago

You nailed what I was gonna ask for with the Campaign Longevity, Story Exposition, and Weapons. More variations in the gameplay are welcome to, you touched on that with the more vehicle time thing. We need some break in the cover and shoot gameplay. Lethal Dusk with the Kryll was an awesome section and made me wanna watch Pitch Black again, I wanna see more of that.

Evil0Angel4061d ago

Nike cloths for Marks
Addidas for his m8s

Blackfrican4061d ago

-Being able to jump
-Weapon variety
-not crouching while sprinting
-no cartwheels
-harder to use effective grenades
-bigger armor
-no enemy freezing chain saw
-gears 2 on PC having more content

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lol, 6 player co-op + flamethrower + more DEATH animations.


jcgamer4060d ago

I'm 20 hours late actually...and to any Gears of War haters...back in your hole...I say more guns, more chainsaws, more explosions, more enemy variations, an even more insane difficulty, bigger bosses, more story, just bigger, badder, longer, and uncut...whoo, yeah, bring it on baby!, this my type of sh!t....

STICKzophrenic4061d ago

I want for them to not re-release the game on PC a year later, with more MP maps and bonus chapters, for a cheaper price than what the console buyers spent.

games4fun4061d ago

they do that? The standards of pc gamers are a lot higher, they want to customize everything with mods, and have all map packs available and all these things free, they actually expect that to be free as it has always been for them. PC gamers wont even give the game a chance if it doesn't have those even if they liked the game.

SlappingOysters4061d ago

I'll just take a bit for variation in the environment... which I should then be able to geo-mod to bits

Bnet3434061d ago

get some damn women in the game! We only saw Anya once in the whole game. the rest was just locust and beefed up dudes.

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