Glitch proof multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3: Evaluating the odds

Product-Reviews writes: Despite Infinity Ward's efforts to make Modern Warfare 3 a glitch-free game, we're still a bit worried that some clever individuals will still find a way through Infinity Ward’s security to ruin the game for everyone else. The key area for us, will be Infinity Ward’s activity once the game is actually released.

We're hoping that they will be moderating the game very closely and problems will be patched up within days, rather than leaving gamers to rot with broken multiplayer games for weeks, which is what happened with Modern Warfare 2 and changed many gamer's perceptions after that.

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tr00p3r2625d ago

No matter what IW do, some clever bastard will still find a loophole... I hope I'm proved wrong though!

danswayuk2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

While I am sure MW3 will be the best attempt yet, no it will not be glitch free.

fluffydelusions2625d ago

And neither is any piece of software.

JeffGUNZ2625d ago

Exactly, all software will have exploits. Even having one of the best teams to search for glitches and exploits doesn't come close to millions and millions of people playing and a large number or hackers awaiting to sink their teeth in this.

Let's hope they can keep the damn game under wraps and not have it leaked, again.

Hanif-8762625d ago

The best thing that they could possibly do is have an open beta for the game. You can hire a few people to test it but i'm sure millions of people would stand a better chance finding bugs/glitches.

Takoulya2625d ago

While that would be good, open betas just aren't treated like betas anymore. Whenever people hear beta, they start to think demo. If anyone's dissapointed with glitches in the beta phase (which there are bound to be in any game), chances are idiots won't buy the game. Also, the freshness factor is lessened when you play a game pre-release.

Parasyte2625d ago

I hope it is as glitch free as possible, I will never forget how frustrated I was with MW2 when the Javelin Glitch first hit. Thankfully, I missed out on the infinite care package glitch.

But, as was stated above, no software is released glitch/bug free.

trenso12625d ago

Infinite care package glitch was funny as hell you missed out they had to update the game twice to get rid of both of them was fun but so cheap o wells

femshep2625d ago

psht that's bull its call of duty, its one giant broken game people are gullible to buy the same broken crap year after year

DanSolo2625d ago

Well I am not hating on COD, but the sheer amount of glitches and the lack of any genuine fixes was a bit much really.