Offensive Call of Duty players “just gonna act how they want to act” – Treyarch

Bad behaviour and hate speech difficult to stop in Call of Duty multiplayer, Treyarch designer believes, despite the Black Ops’ developers efforts.

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Inside_out2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If you don't like what is happening or how the game plays, go find another game to play.

Everyday you here whining gamers crying about how a game plays or how someone said something that offended them...GROW UP!!!

You can mute the offending player. There are a lot of ways to deal with it without crying to the devs everyday.

I don't want to game in a library you want silence, go fishing. I bet the birds chirping or wind blowing would bother these guys too...0_o

JeffGUNZ2630d ago

Yeah, that's part of competitive multiplayer, people complain. I have a friend who goes like 30-3 on every map on every game and still cries like a baby when he dies. It's annoying/funny, but that's just the nature of people who are deeply invested. If someone is annoying or frustrating me while I play, I do a quick mute and problem is solved.

NarooN2630d ago

Sounds like me, lmao! I went 50-8 once and was complaining, and my friend said "Wow dude, you're never satisfied! You bang a girl and you want the pussy AND the asshole!"

I was like "wat" at first, but then died laughing. I know a lot of people who completely obliterate the enemy yet still create ridiculous explanations for any time they die, which includes me. :p

femshep2630d ago

they act like stuck up spoiled brats

typically because they are

JeffGUNZ2630d ago

I think the main problem is you have a lot of people who are young in age in adolescence who think acting like that is "cool" and "funny". I rarely hear someone who sounds like a true adult crying and complaining. It's typically very little kids whose voices haven't changed, high school kids, or drunk college kids who continue to think I'll be impressed that they are drunk since they continue to remind the team over and over again.

Thank god for party chat, so my friends can hear each other and enjoy gaming.

Parasyte2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

It's unfortunately a consequence of online anonymity. I don't think people should ignore it though. If you hear someone using this kind of offensive language just mute them and then report them for offensive in-game voice.

theonlylolking2630d ago

Battlefield, granturismo, MAG, etc... Do not have nearly as much peeps that act unbecoming.

Kee2630d ago

I automatically mute all the little shits when I go into a game. I only chat with my friends who I know aren't assholes.

BigWillys2630d ago

They should implement a electrical shock to any a-holes ranting on PSN, Xbox Live. That would stop them quick.

Kee2630d ago

They don't rant.

All they do is talk shit and tell bad jokes about your mother. Their rambling has no finesse.

That is a very good solution, but I don't think that it is strictly legal. We need a system where moderators actually follow up on grief reporting and give warnings and stuff to repeated offenders and then use their power to stop them playing multiplayer for a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.