Sony Explains HDMI Requirement On New PlayStation 3 Models

To watch HD on your PlayStation (if you buy the new model) you will need to use a HDMI cable, although a HDMI cable is not needed for HD gaming.

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PirateThom2590d ago

OOh, so it was being overblown because Sony = bad. What a shock.

MrSpace2590d ago

I never understand the hate, if you try to say anything you get called a fanboy...Oh sorry I'm a fanboy, because Sony are actually giving gamers what they want this year unlike other companies. People have to admit that Sony are in top place this year in terms of pleasing Core gamers.

M-Easy2590d ago

You know the sad part is they're not even trying to hide the hate anymore.

chaos-lockheart2590d ago

people cant be a good sport these days

AAACE52590d ago

@Mr space... A person is considered a fanboy when they agree with everything a company does regardless of if it is right or wrong. Yet they disagree with a competitor about everything! Even if it is something good!

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guitarded772589d ago

Sooo... are these new SKUs out yet? If not, I wonder if there will be a price drop when they release.

CameronL992589d ago

You mean to tell me this whole thing was just the result of a bunch of childish no-life gamers crying with screamy outbursts that Sony must be run by the devil - especially when they don't have all the facts? WHAT!?!?!?! WHEN HAS THAT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE?!?!?!?!

Ju2589d ago

The funny thing is the biggest outcry about "features (or not) of a new console" comes from people who already have one.

Who else would know/care?

MaxXAttaxX2589d ago

This is ONLY for Blu-ray playback on future models. NOT gaming.

Nothing is being changed or removed from your PS3.

RIP_Weazel2589d ago Show
DaTruth2589d ago

Remember the days when journalists use to have to publish a retraction and apology when they were wrong?

Oh, the glory days!

humbleopinion2587d ago

As you may or may not have noticed, my response was directly to MrSpace comment who wrote the sentence "Sony are actually giving gamers what they want this year unlike other companies".

I assume you had no problems with his original comment which is both absolutely irrelevant by itself and trollish to say the least - implying that Microsoft and Nintendo are not giving gamers what they want.
This article is about the removal of component connection from the PS3, yet MrSpace actually manages to go all SDF on this and turn this towards other companies - and for some reason it's not his comment that was marked as trolling.

I simply don't understand how exactly this move is "giving gamers what they want", how it is relevant to other companies, and how come there are gamers (playing games and not consoles(TM) ) that are actually happy with this kind of move. Care to explain?

RIP_Weazel2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

My pleasure...
To be honest, MrSpace's comment reeked of consumerist sheeple PR babble, and was more than capable of shooting itself (and any points that it may have wanted to make) in the foot. Dismissing fanboy rants is easy, and not worth breaking a sweat on.
My comment directed at your post was based purely on the comparative association drawn between the holocaust and the removal of component cables. Although I understand and empathise with your stance against MrSpace's eye-rolling fanboyism, the paraphrasing seemed inappropriate. Your point was made succinctly in your second post, and I find it difficult to disagree with your well considered opinion on the 'giving gamers what they want' nonsense spouted further up the thread.
All of this however doesn't really have a massive impact on me, as in my opinion, the games are the key consideration. If there is a steady flow of quality games, and my ability to play them is not compromised, then i'm a happy consumer.
(Apologies for doubting informed perspective. Shocking generalisation on my part, and based on your reply, entirely inaccurate.)

humbleopinion2584d ago

Well @RIP_Weazel, kudos (and a bubble) to you.
I don't know if using that quote was harsh, but I'm actually surprised to know that even among N4G crowd some people are familiar with the source.

As for your second point: the games are indeed the key consideration while everything else is just a bonus. Now that you see towards what my point was directed, I have to absolutely 100% agree with what you're saying: When it comes to the actual games Sony is definitely delivering.

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v1c1ous2590d ago

Because, Pirate Thom, SOME people might see this as an attempt by movie studios to take a small step in curbing piracy.

which actually would explain this move somewhat. but what do i know :p?

Kushan2590d ago

It won't curb anything, all they are doing is enforcing HDCP, to which the master key has been leaked. It's not a huge issue, nobody will notice, but it's still rather pointless.

RedDragan2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

According to alot of pirates it is still very hard to actually record the HDMI signal despite the master key being leaked, something to do with a blacklist or whatever.

They have been reporting that some of their devices no longer work with HDMI signals... not sure if updates have been applied or if it is for later BD's etc.

This sort of thing is not my forte so you'll have to go look it up.

My other things I don't understand but for different reasons is... why does Sony force HDCP on their games? I can fully understand movies... but gameplay?!

Eddie201012589d ago


Did you read the article?

MaxXAttaxX2589d ago

Read the article!

This has NOTHING to do with gaming. Only Blu-ray playback.

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Inside_out2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Who owns Blu-ray??? Wouldn't something like this need to have the consent and co-operation of the Blu-ray maker??? Why is only movies and not games or other HD output effected??? WHY NOW???

Hmmmm...I understand they are trying to control piracy but 1080p movies WITHOUT Blu-ray is the standard these days and DD is already quickly becoming the future...many believe it is already so I don't get it.

It would appear that it is a cash grab, like the play pass for Sony exclusives. It does look a bit desperate I have to say. Trying to force people to do anything usually has negative consequences.

mac_sparrow2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Find me a decent DD source that peaks at 48Mbps and doesn't colour subsample to the point of ridiculousness in order to keep bit rate for that headline grabbing resolution; which is only one aspect of the picture make up; and I'll believe you.

MisterAV2590d ago

what bandwidth do you have for watching bluray quality content via DD?

there's not only resolution..

a_squirrel2590d ago

He meant the founder of Blu-Ray, as in, who made it, and owns the Bluray stuff.

I think it's Sony btw.

Dakidog2590d ago

@a_squirrel They had part in it but it wasn't them alone Sony and Pioneer were there initially then a whole bunch of companies came to the party.

wsoutlaw872590d ago

Ya because they have so much money to gain from doing this right.

2v12589d ago

exactly psn is free.Trying to force people to do anything usually has negative consequences. the other 1 lol is not!

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Drekken2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

The media gets two middle fingers from me since the beginning of this generation.

All they do is bash Sony. Some warranted, most unwarranted. They love to blow things out of proportion and run with scissors in their hand. I can't believe they haven't cut their own throats yet with a perfectly timed fall.

And to the people... oh the lemmings they are. Most people use HDMI to game on their HD system, yet they cry at yesterdays article. An article proven false.

People cried about the other O/S, when I bet not a single person making a stink on this site EVER used the other O/S feature.

Its just a long string of embarrassing bumbles by journalists and over reactors that has turned me off to them all. Kotaku should just stop. I can't believe people still read their BS.

I can't change it, but I sure as hell won't click links from any of these offenders. We all know who they are and would suggest you all to do the same.

Lets not forget Sony is absolutely kicking ass in delivering us amazing exclusive after exclusive.

TBM2590d ago

I only use HDMI on my PS3 why the hell would I use component cables. This was sooo overblown it makes me laugh. Did any of you read some of the BS comments in that article?

Trying to find any excuse to bash sony/ps3 about why the should get rid of theirs. I use component for my 360 because its meaningless to use HDMI since it doesn't play HD disk based movies.

jacksons982589d ago

Kotaku has been the absolute worse. Half their articles against Sony are flat out lies. I remember the day PS3 launched they found some store in Japan that was offering a PS3 deal and tried to present it to American readers as a price drop and that the PS3 wasn't selling on launch.
Sony is the only company supporting core gamers now, you would think as gaming journalists they would give Sony a fair shake.

blackbeld2589d ago


What I don't understand is why Sony still don't take Kotaku to the court?

For spreading falls information as reporting journalist gaming firm?

This make no sense that means everyone can be journalst these days for spreading falls information all the time!

andibandit2589d ago

So true, anyone who uses component cables anyways should stop crying and get a HDMI TV

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mastiffchild2590d ago

@Thom-overblown because Brian Crecente still hates Sony because of his own actions. tosser will approve anything g anti Sony without checking anything about any of it being true.

dantesparda2590d ago

Why is Sony implementing this AACS standard in now, when its not mandatory til 2014? By then a new Sony system would be out and they could have done it on that system. So i call "bunk" on Sony's reason, they wanted to do this, it benefits them somehow. And it does seem true that Sony just keeps little by little taking away features. And has yet to have alot of the features missing on the system that the 360 has been had, like cross-game chat, universal cross-game invites, voice messaging, auto sync, no installing of demos (you just download it and its ready to go once its done) and universal music and better voice quality on the game voice chat (not to mention the 360 can output the voice to both the TV speakers and the mic and the PS3 cant). And the list goes on. I know the Sony/PS3 fanboys will rip me a new one for saying these things, but seriously guys, we need to stick together and demand these features regardless of whether you want them or not. It is better to have them then not. And these online passes are a bad idea/bad deal no matter who does it

DragonKnight2590d ago

Why should we demand them? Because the 360 has them? Do you want me to list the plethora of features the PS3 has that the 360 doesn't have and see you back peddle and state how "those aren't needed" just like MS did with built-in wifi, HDMI, harddrives and the like?

In case you haven't been paying attention, Sony plans on having the PS3 around for 10 years, and they've planned on releasing a new PS3 model sooner than 2014. Why should they wait 3 years because you don't like this completely harmless action? Sony were ORDERED to remove component, so one way or the other it would end up being gone. What's the difference if it's now or then? And Sony hasn't even given a timetable for the release or announcement of PS4, so how in the hell do you know when it's coming out?

This literally only effects movies, and if you're any real core gamer, you don't bother using component cables anyway. So why are you crying?

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radphil2589d ago

"And they were ordered? Really? by who?"

Something tells me you didn't research into this situation.

HateFanboys2589d ago

Wow! you Sony fanboys will just take anything Sony does. Its funny cuz you fanboys are just fanboys that you cant see that Dantesparda is right. Its not due til 2014 (the AACS complaince). And tyhis guy is not a 360 fanboy, just read his comment history he is way more of a PS3 fanboy than a 360 fanboy, But you fanboys wouldnt see that because you's are such Sony fanboys. And anybody who thinks Sony wont have a system out by 2014, well let me not even say what i think of that. I love how wrong Sony fanboys are about everything. In the meanwhile Sony continues to get outsold by everything else on the market!

kane_13712589d ago

Yeah, everything except 360.

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Legion2589d ago

I don't know that the theory was that Sony = bad... I think it was more what is going on?

Yes, many people jumped on the bandwagon and started worrying about some of the issues that might arise from having only HDMI cables. With people having limited HDMI hook ups on older sets. With others worried that video capture of games would lead to less availability of PS3 material on the net.

I am glad to hear directly from the horses mouth that component cables will still be a part of the console system. I am assuming with the new model systems they will include an HDMI cable in the package and that is a good thing for consumers. I am still curious how they will seperate the HDMI feed versus component feed for gaming issue. How are they going to prevent the signal from the HDCP video from going through the component cables hooked up?

It is all still interesting in a technology stance.

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Motorola2590d ago

Wait so if I have HDMI connected to this new PS3, and I start a Blu Ray, what happens? 480p Blu Ray?

PirateThom2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

If you have HDMI, it plays in HD content in HD, irregardless of source.

If you have component, Blu-ray movies will be shown in 480p but all other HD content will be in HD.

This is because the final specification for AACS was only finalised recently and required HDMI for playback of Blu-ray discs.

gamingdroid2590d ago

Not Sony's fault, but BS. This is to protect the movie studios at the expense of consumers. They are afraid of piracy, as if their movie isn't online already in full 1080p glory.

In situations like these, there really aren't any competition to keep companies in check when they can essentially dictate whatever they want and you have no option.

Biggest2590d ago

Um, they are the ones making the product. They are making what they want you to buy. If you don't like it you don't have to buy it. I used to believe in consumer rights to the fullest. Now I see that my fellow consumers are fools that expect everyone and everything their way for the lowest possible price, but won't support it anyway.

Motorola2590d ago

Oh wait. I meant COMPONENT not HDMI. Thats my fault sorry.

RedDragan2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Gamingdriod, I do not understand your point of view. You are condoning piracy?

You do realise that the biggest pirates also traffic drugs and traffic young kids who are kidnapped and sent to other countried to be sex slaves for major organised crime gangs, they are immediately jacked up with heroine so they quickly become dependent on the gangs, and once they are no longer kids they are put on the streets to work of prostitutes... you did realise that little fact right?

And if you are not condoning piracy then why exactly do you oppose this?!

gamingdroid2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I'm not condoning piracy, simply stating that it is already available so this doesn't stop piracy. Instead it restricts consumers, and also prevent others that don't have HDMI on their TV.

***Um, they are the ones making the product. They are making what they want you to buy. If you don't like it you don't have to buy it.***

That is fine, but there is no alternative. It's essentially a monopoly now. Voting with your wallet doesn't work when there is only one choice.

***Now I see that my fellow consumers are fools that expect everyone and everything their way for the lowest possible price, but won't support it anyway.***


You are free to support whatever you want. If you want to support whatever industry, you are free to buy their product (multiple items) and/or donate your money to them!

Just don't "force" us others to do the same.

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mac_sparrow2590d ago

It's to do with the Image Constraint Token, which has been public domain knowledge for years.

user83971442590d ago

I think alot of people by now have HDTVs already and

red2tango2590d ago

I don't but I need to get one :P

kane_13712589d ago

actually somebody disagreed with you?
WTF is going on?

red2tango2589d ago

@kane haha people will hate

JEW_UNIT2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )


Not all HDTV have HDMI...I have a CRT HDTV (a Sony Branded one;forget the model number...Bought it back in 2005) that only can take Composite and Component cables...No HDMI ports. I have a launch PS3 so and I don't mind component but some people don't have a HDTV or a HDTV with HDMI.

But I still agree with everybody when they said that it was blown way out of proportion

anticooper2589d ago

agree:-)har du ost i numsen henning?

Killa_Cobra_ST2590d ago

Nothing wrong about this, Sony just one of the first to adhere to the new standards, thats it!

PS360PCROCKS2590d ago

Kinda sucks but if you're watching blu-ray and not using HDMI, what is wrong with you?!?

Klaykid1232590d ago

Why would you have a bluray player then >.>

kharma452590d ago

You might have a perfectly good early HDTV that only has component input and don't need to buy a new one?

Biggest2590d ago

Then go buy a 360/HD-DVD combo. You obviously don't care about the things that make BluRay superior to other physical formats.

barb_wire2590d ago

Even my 40 inch Samsung that I bought in 2006 has 2 HDMI inputs.

Sprud2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

One might have an early HDTV, but none of those are good by todays standards. Even the cheapest TVs right now are better.

PS360PCROCKS2590d ago

True, but HDMI came out in 2003. Plasma/LCD was around in like late 1997. They weren't affordable until probably 2005 at least from what I remember. I mean they were $15,000 in 1997 for a plasma lol. If you spanked down $15,000 for a plasma I highly doubt your watching blu rays on it now. I couldn't imagine many people still have original plasmas/LCD's from 2003 and earlier

MysticStrummer2590d ago

Yup that's me. I bought my Sony 50 inch LCD before HDMI was introduced. I'm sure if I compared it side by side with a newer TV I'd see a difference, but it still looks great to me. @Biggest - There's still a huge difference between DVDs and Bluray, even on my TV. Sound-wise, my receiver is an older model also that doesn't do DTS. That bugs me more than the marginally better picture a newer TV would get me, because not all Blurays have 5.1 surround on them. You get either old school surround or DTS on many Blurays, with the middle ground of 5.1 being absent. It pisses me off.

RedDragan2589d ago


Great point, it looks as good as the one in front of you. If you haven't got another TV to compare it with then the old HDTV is obviously still going to look good.

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aquamala2590d ago

Component cables are good enough at 1080i. Maybe all other hdmi inputs on the tv is used? Not uncommon for older tvs to have only 1-2 hdmi inputs.

shinrock2590d ago

because component works for hd.ur forceing people to by cable.

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