Mass Effect: 8 Video Clips from IgroMir 2007

Here are 8 short clips of Mass Effect captured on a videocam from the recent "IgroMir 2007" consumer electronic entertainment expo in Moscow, Russia.

Contain spoilers.

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tony4055d ago

developers keep pushing the envelope in games. this game is a good example of that. this one will steal my christmas. after playing call of duty 4 i have to say this is the best year ever in videogame history. games are getting better and better each year.

neogeo4054d ago

and I don't care what the masses say. It seems a little to much like Star Trek. I keep waiting for data to come out and start blasting away.
maybe the finished game will look better.

tony4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

neogeo i don't care about what u think. u keep bashing good games, and u know what? it doesn't matter. ur opinion means nothing.

ShiftyLookingCow4055d ago

I want to start playing this game already, btw if you read the prequel there arent much spoilers(except a somewhat predictable verdict)

Kleptic4055d ago

game looks awesome...

why do the people that get to see this stuff take such crap videos though?...JUST HOLD THE DAMN THING STILL...that isn't a hard thing to do...

Shadow Man4055d ago

i love bioware games especially kotor, but this is starting to worry me. First off i think the gameplay looks pretty good, might get repetitive but knowing bioware probably not. As for the so called graphics, i think their sub par. The overall graphics are crisp and clean and nice to look at but i think animations of the faces are terrible. Yes the lip synching is great but look from the mouth up its static and almost creepy the ways the eyes move. It looks like there is no emotion and i can't stand it. No i'm not a fanboy i have a 360 and this was on of my most anticipated games but i'm not so sure anymore.

dachiefsman4055d ago

you do know these are second hand youtube videos right? I am sure this game will look good on my 50in doubts in my mind!

Kleptic4055d ago

I completely agree...

texture wise...the game looks great...just like every other UE3 game made so far...but the human facial animations are pretty looks like they didn't do full facial mo-cap...only used it on their mouths maybe...

with 20,000 plus lines of dialogue or whatever, that makes sense...and it shouldn't hurt the game...also, most of the time you are talking to aliens and stuff...and how would you motion capture that? its only the humans that look 100% lifeless I guess...too bad it didn't have the level of facial animation contained in Uncharted though...that would have been awesome...

I am still on the fence about the gameplay though...sometimes it looks cool...other times it looks pretty boring...this is basically the game to get me to buy a 360...a lot is riding on it for me at least...

ShiftyLookingCow4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

@Installsheild, it doesn't use mo-cap but rather an animation system that works universally with all languages ME is going to be released in(there are way too many lines and in then different languages to mo-cap for). In my opinion its doing its job pretty fine, its not Uncharted but it doesn't remove me from being immersed either.

HarryEtTubMan4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahaha SNOOZE ALERT!!!! Looks SOOO damn boring!!!! And whoever says OMG MASS EFFECT facial expressions... they look like a CARDBOARD CUTOUT.. Get a grip on REAL REALITY FANBOYS. The 360 CANNOT make faces like the ones in Uncharted and Heavenly Sward... not even a little bit close... let's be honest... Haha so funny. Everytime I see it, it looks worse! Look at the faces on video 3 when their talking HAHAHA . Looks JUST LIKE OBLIVION. NO BETTER, NO WORSE. Uncharted PWNS Mass Effect BADLY... in the looks/animation departmant.

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