Black Ops “big part of CoD Elite”, not “over-milking” franchise

Activision PR indicates that despite the spotlight being on Modern Warfare 3 this year, Call of Duty Elite will give Black Ops beta focus and long-term support, while Treyarch designer disputes DLC and Elite are “over-milking” franchise.

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zeal0us2626d ago

over milking? Milking is milking......
Seeing as I don't xbl anymore guess idc

BlmThug2626d ago

"CoD" And "Not Over Milking" Dont Go In The Same Sentence

iNFAMOUZ12626d ago

Bullshit actimilksion, COD SUCKS stop releasing the same generic shit every year ya greedy bastards, hows about a new IP FOR A CHANGE////?"?? bungie's doing it, so is insomniac, NOW that I respect.

zero_gamer2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Activision is all about the $$. As long as people buy the games they'll exploit it until they run dry. You cannot really blame them for taking opportunity to collect as much cash they can collect.

As far as the CoD series is concerned, meh. Most shooters this generation bore me.

iNFAMOUZ12626d ago

from a buisness stand point yes, BUT to alienate future gamers is bullshit dude. What about when my son gets older and he wants to play COD???? am I as a parent going to have to pay double or triple or quadrouple the subscription??? hell no, I rather use it on stuff that will benefit my young one.

Kee2626d ago

Overmilking? They deny overmilking but that doesn't mean they deny milking. So fear not, they are only doing the necessary amount of milking.

HK62626d ago

This is like showing a murderer a video of himself killing a person and then the murderer saying "I didn't do that."

Otheros002626d ago

Actually it's more like, showing the murder a video of himself killing 10 people and the murder saying "I only killed 8 people."

DanSolo2626d ago

Actually it's more like a company overcharging for a product....

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The story is too old to be commented.