Q-Games tease newest title

Dylan Cuthbert, founder of PixelJunk series creator Q-Games, has teased info about a new announcement coming next week - including a screenshot!

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strange19862632d ago

Huh, looks like some sort of farming game.

sinncross2632d ago

I can see this being a possible PS Suite title (android and PSV).

That said, cant wait to hear more. I think Q-Games makes some good games.

ISKREEM2631d ago

It looks like a whole new PixelJunk Monsters title. Judging by the little hut, and what looks to be the mask commonly worn by the Giants in the series on the HUD.

Minato-Namikaze2631d ago

Oh god I really want pixeljunk dungeons. Or are they saving it for their 2 series.