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WTF Moment: Bikini Karate Babes 2 - Warriors of Elysia

This morning, before coming to work, I did my check-up on the internetz.
Check my e-mail, my blog, comments, and finally YouTube.
By checking the videos uploaded by people I follow, I noticed something quite peculiar.
"Bikini Karate Babes 2 - Warriors of Elysia" (Bikini Karate Babes 2: Warriors of Elysia, Games for Windows - LIVE, PC)

Pozzle  +   1331d ago
It sort of reminds me of the old Mortal Kombat games...

...except the MK characters weren't dressed in bikinis....

...and they actually knew how to fight.

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Nekoyo  +   1331d ago
Tottaly agree with you!
If only the girls in this game knew how to fight...
But i guess you can't be hot AND fight well.
Thanks for the comment!

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