Diehard GameFAN: 10 Thoughts on the Catherine Demo

DHGF: The demo is full of all sorts of nice little touches, like a brief half second focusing on an ant or Vincent’s eyes quickly changing color, that really sell the surreal nature of the experience and really give the game the suspenseful, horrifying feel it’s going for. Further, the puzzles, so far, are fun, and the fact that there are multiplayer puzzles and extra challenge puzzles beyond the main game give it theoretical replay value out of the box, as do the multiple endings promised. Look, Catherine is obviously not for everyone, and I strongly urge you to play the demo as soon as it’s made available to you, because it really should be experienced, but the game is going to be something that you’ll either love or be confused by, and there’s nothing I can say to you that’s going to sell you on the game one way or the other. It’s a puzzle game with dating simulation elements and a horror theme, okay? It’s confusing just in concept, let alone execution, and the Collector’s Editio...

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divideby02625d ago

based upon the demo.. which was ok.. .but should be a PSN download game for like 20 bucks max