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With the latest announcement that EA is shutting down more of it's game servers, some for titles only a couple of years old, StickTwiddlers Micster asks whether or not we are merely just renting the games we buy.

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fluffydelusions2631d ago

Sucks but you can't expect them to be up forever.

ATiElite2631d ago

Why not?

Counter Strike has been up longer than all those titles.

Just a good reason why PC Gamers trust Steam and not Origins.

Fishy Fingers2631d ago

CS still has a lot of players and most of the servers are privately run, so it doesn't cost valve anything. Poor comparison really.

Substance1012631d ago

Well PC gamers are used to that sort of treatment. I still play warcraft 3, there are atleast 100,000 of us online at peak times even though the game is nearly a decade old by now.

CS is still going very strong.

Console gamers should demand support for their games. Most of the time they dont even receive dedicated servers while they end up paying more on every game.

Army_of_Darkness2631d ago

Console gamers probably don't care much because we keep moving on to bigger n better games. I have no time to stick with one game anyways! Way to much games to still play and catch up on.

powerofcell2631d ago

Lol this barely effects us Ps3 gamers. we have new single player exclusives to keep us busy all the time. Most of us dont play online.

Yi-Long2631d ago

... not 'limited time only MP!'.

Among the games now affected is Battlefield 2 MC, which I'm sure will still have some players left playing...

I guess they're being forced upon BF3, but I wonder if this could have the opposite effect, as in those loyal gamers feeling screwed over by this action and thus refusing to move on to BF3.

tehReaper2631d ago


I agree, what's the point of offering multiplayer if you're going to shut it down in a few years? I'm sure the number of players are low, but when you advertise something on the box, it should be an included feature until the platform moves on.

New buyers and the dedicated fans are the ones getting screwed here.

SilentNegotiator2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

"From October:
Madden NFL 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
NHL 10 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360"

LOL, that's a really dirty tactic to get Madden fans to spend $60 a year (or every other year) for meager upgrades and online access.

kneon2631d ago

Why not? How about because there is no ongoing revenue from the game yet there is ongoing cost. When they sell the game they've factored in the cost of running the servers for a certain number of users for some period of time.

If you want the servers to stay up longer then either the upfront cost of the games need to be higher or they need to charge a monthly or yearly fee.

The right way to do it is to make the up front cost of the game lower and then charge a separate yearly fee for online. That is the fairest solution for all parties involved so it's sure not to happen :)

aliengmr2630d ago

or you have dedicated server support and eliminate the cost altogether.

I have been using steam since HL2 and aside from the interface and the library very little has changed. My games have been exactly where they are since then and I haven't been charged extra for the privilege. EA wanted to charge a fee to keep it longer than 6 months. (this was before origins)

Valve has never once made me worry about whether or not I will be able to download any one of the 80 or so titles I have. Not only do they not charge for my peace of mind, they also offer sales that sell games at half price or more in some cases. That includes recent releases too.

In short I never trusted EA when it came to digital sales and apparently can't trust them for online support either. As a PC gamer I am used to multiplayer lasting a long time for some games. Freelancer anyone?

But hey, if console gamers, and even some PC gamers, are cool with it all, to each his own. I mean that in all seriousness. However the concept of having to pay more and more for each little thing seems to be getting out of control. On top of all that you can't count on EA to maintain the servers. It seems eventually console gaming is gonna start costing more than PC gaming no matter how you look at it.

playboi282630d ago


Speak for yourself. I play my PS3 very often but they are shutting servers down for both systems. And to say most of us don't play online? Why in the world do you think the gaming world was in such an outrage when the PSN went down?! In the future, keep your trolling, fanboy comments to yourself instead of coming on N4G sounding like an idiot.

And before you go calling me a fanboy, look at my previous comments on previous threads and you'll see that I often defend the PS3. But I'm no fanboy and trolling irritates me no matter which side it's on.

DeadlyFire2630d ago

Geared solely towards console gamers. Its not just EA. Its every game publisher that kills game servers for these things after a 2 year run.

There is no consumer owned servers in the console market. That is the problem. Many PC gamers enjoy the luxury of owning/renting a server for a monthly rate and play a game for up to 10 years or however long they want.

Such a service could exist inside a console realm with a monthly rate. I don't understand why this issue has not been brought up by now.

Having no dedicated server support is often the reason why so many console games have small game lobbies and few players online.

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KingPin2631d ago

erm, when they sell the game, they advertising online multi-player. by them shutting down the service, are they not taking away a feature we paid for?

lol u see how that argument works strongly against sony but when it comes to other things people let it slide.


not a fanboy/troll/bias/etc. just stating something i noticed

rdgneoz32630d ago

And a troll can state something they notice in their opinion, that has absolutely nothing to do with the article listed and still be a troll.

playboi282630d ago

I honestly can't see how that could go against Sony. I can't think of any games that the servers are shut down on PS3 that aren't multiplatform games shut down on both. There may be some, but I have no idea which ones they may be. Hell, to my knowledge, I believe you can actually still play some PS2 games online depending on the game.

iNFAMOUZ12631d ago

That's why I don't play online anymore unless its a trust worthy developer like valve for instance, support is still going strong for left 4 dead series :)

Pl4sm42630d ago

and it will continue .... if it gets shut down (im 99% sure they wont in the near future) (before or after l4d 3)then people would just switch to the private internet lan networks ... so the game will live on multy player wise

playboi282630d ago


Yes, I can. I paid for it, right? These games aren't even really that old.


This just proves that Xbox Live is truly a ripoff. This is not a fanboy rant. Most of my games are on Xbox 360. I just don't really see the point of paying just to play online. A lot of people think that they are paying Microsoft to maintain servers but this just proves that they do not.

ATiElite2630d ago

hey that's a great point you made.

Your paying Microsoft $60 a year to basically play your games online but M$ doesn't have any control over the servers.

then you gotta pay anyway to use anything on what's the point? XBL should ensure servers stay open.

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koehler832631d ago

They're being shut down because nobody plays them. That includes you so shut up.

Substance1012631d ago

Naa rather they are being shutdown so PPL move on to the next multiplayer game.

If the game is good, people do carry on playing it. Watch how people were still playing halo 2 yet they were forced out of it.

tehReaper2631d ago

Fortunately, Halo 2 still has some life on PC.

Spenok2631d ago

It depends on the game. A lot (as in most) servers are shut down due to no one playing the game any more. Which is a cost issue. Some (as in Halo 2 for your example) are shut down for other reasons. Such as to get you to move to the newest game.

Pl4sm42630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

well that is because there is halo 3 , halo odst , halo reach ... and need some server power for halo 1 remake , halo 4

Baka-akaB2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Not even close and a silly statement . It's cumbersome to EA when some refuse to jump toward their annual sport release , and thus force the jump the only way they can .

Substance1012631d ago

Completely agree, there hardly is a difference between the sports game releases, asides the roaster update.

People will prefer to stick to the last game instead of dishing out 60usd (40 if PC version). Best way to make the jump is discontinueing online support.

JohnnyMann4202631d ago

Lol I think you are right.

wallis2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Somebody plays them. Nowhere does it say on a game box that all it takes is three or four years and boom, no more online play.

And also, yelling,

"HAY GUIZE, I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE SO WRONG SO JUST SHUT UP, KAY?" into the comments section of a gaming website isn't going to suddenly result in everyone shutting up and agreeing with you.

It'd require a lot more brain damage than listening to you gives me for me to agree with you.

hardcorehippiez2631d ago

rubbish i was playing battlefield just the other day. if the game comes with online it needs to stay until the end of the generation otherwise focus more on the single player aspect of the game and keep the online minimal.

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BeastlyRig2631d ago

It think you are renting multiplayer.

NovusTerminus2631d ago

I remember when Monster Hunter and Syphon Filter got shut down. I played them all the time......... But no one else really did, just a small group of about 500 players, which in truth is not enough to keeps a server alive.

Was I upset? Yes, I still miss the games. But I can see why they did it.

Gray-Fox-Type02631d ago

Don't renting companies buy a batch from the publishers in the first place? as in a wholesale? so why does it bother publishers that people rent using services like Lovefilm or gamefly? I am sure they don't get their games for free for people to rent... i don't know their organisations business strategies, But I am sure these organisations do buy them first. SO WHY THE **** DO GREEDY GAMES COMPANIES CARE IF WE RENT OUR GAMES AND ADD PSN PASS CRAP TO THE MIX?!

Heartnet2631d ago

Cause its not about renting its about the pre owned market..

But that subject has nothing to do with this atricle so :S dunno why ur posting that here

maniacmayhem2631d ago

Maybe because of the mis-leading title of this article.

You know the thing on top that says: "are we just renting our games?"

Heartnet2631d ago

Yeh cause EA are Shutting down there online servers...

Not because of online passes or anything..

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