Critical Gamer: Clones Review

Critical Gamer writes: It’s very hard to care about the fate of a mindless blob of smiling goo that will throw itself off the nearest cliff unless you hold its hand over an entire hazardous pilgrimage. It’s even harder to care about his 20 friends that are more than willing to follow him to the same fatal conclusion, just to demonstrate how incompetent you are. However, as frustrating as this extreme baby sitter test can be, you will find yourself compelled to preserve as many of the nameless blobs as possible.

Clones, in its simplest form, tasks players to escort a slightly adorable army of walking creatures from the world entrance to the exit while utilising a series of tools to cross difficult and deadly terrain. It’s a playbook we haven’t seen for a while but it is undoubtedly inspired by Lemmings. Even the press release states the game is Lemmings-like. Is this just a title trying to piggyback on the success of a sparkling series that glimmers through rose tinted specs?

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