Atlus comments on overall game length, deluxe edition and more for Catherine

Atlus’ Aram Jabbari made several more comments regarding Catherine. This time he discusses the game’s length, deluxe edition, pre-order bonuses and more.

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Robotronfiend2687d ago

Hmm estimated 8-14 hours of story, that's probably going to be an issue for some people. For most games i'd say it's not enough, but i've enjoyed full-priced games of that length before and felt I got my money's worth (Portal 2 comes to mind). The demo should be ready to go when I get home from work today, so we'll see.

Baka-akaB2687d ago

that's only 14h for ONE playthrough , dont forget that it got multiple choices , path and endings . Most fan will probably at least play it twice to experience various events .

dc12687d ago

I'm very disappointed!

Aram Jabbari just confirmed that the game will not included the Japaneses voice track with English subtitles. The game will only provide the English voiceovers (with English subtitles) ....

Needless to say I will not be picking up the game.
The game presented it self as a playable Anime with a great story and more than competent game play. For these reason I wanted this game. .. but no more.
This may be just fine for many of you however, I am incapable of watching anime without the original voice track. So much is lost in the dub process.. and it always comes across a little stale.

I hope they make this right sometime in the future. What a shame.

Baka-akaB2687d ago

not surprised while still sad about . Again , not suprised , i has been atlus' way for a long time to only dub those titles .

It's unlikely they' will a thing about it . YOu could still buy the japanese original and play it with faqs or alongside the us version .

Or you could wait for a pirated undub version someday (while still hopefully buying an original)

dc12687d ago

I'm with you. But, I'm not hardcore enough to buy the Japanese original. I'll share my thought's 'respectfully' with Atlus. Perhaps it will move them a little closer to providing the option on the next go around (whatever the game may be).

SaiyanFury2687d ago

Agreed, I'm still buying the North American version, but I'm still severely disappointed that there's no Japanese language track. Unlike what this corporate dick says, it's not about native Japanese speakers, it's about hearing a Japanese game in the original Japanese. Trying to make English work in a Japanese game has repeatedly gone awry. To this day I still can't get through the original Yakuza because the English just doesn't fit. I've been through every Yakuza game in North America except the first one, because they've all been in Japanese. Just a personal note there.

Sprudling2687d ago

I'm a little sad too, but Atlus has gotten some quality english voice actors for this game. And tbh, I don't see the anime resemblance.

Baka-akaB2687d ago

Really ? The game got a clear anime feel and look . Hell even the persona games it spins from got animes and manga .

StarWolf2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

lol you probably dont even speak or understand japanese and are a self hater . I see the same thing with Anime shows "wahh dubbed anime sucks!"

dc12683d ago

Was your comment directed to me?

At best, your statement reveals a very superficial perspective.
At worst, it reveals a little too much about your character - (That is,... if you are not joking).

To your question:
No, I do not speak the Japanese language, nor do I understand it well enough to take personal criticism to heart. ;)

However, I do appreciate good anime and critically acclaimed American and foreign films spoken in their native language/dialect respectfully.
Thus my preference to hear a Japanese original in the original voiceovers with English subtitles (underlined). I hope this clarifies things.

Cheers and good times!

Haseo1062687d ago

I'm disappointed too because the game doesn't have Japanese Audio. However, I played the Demo and now I'm ok with the English Audio because the English Voice actors do a really good job. This game is a Must-Buy to me.
Just pre-ordered it on Amazon to get the Art Book. Can't wait!

EX-ORDERSOL2683d ago

I'm gettin' it for the stuff it comes with. Yep, DAT PIZZA BOX, and BLAZBLUE's TAGER's VA is in it!!! Still...