What Kinect Isn't Doing

"I'm one of the few people not getting a check from Microsoft that actually believes in Kinect. I'm not insane; I realize that Kinect is not as conducive to gaming as the PR folks want us to believe--I mean let's be honest, trying to change game controls from digital controller input to motion control is almost literally like abandoning instant messaging in lieu of semaphore."

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Stuart57562684d ago

'What Kinect Isn't Doing'

Something worth buying?

EVILDEAD3602684d ago

@ Stuart you mean it's not doing something worth trolling..then again it's suuceesful and it's Microsoft..that must mean it's ABSOLUTELY worth trolling..

That also means it's doing something right..

On topic..the article actually comes up with some interesting things..but the truth is Kinect hasn't been around for more than 8 months..Game shows etc will surely show up.

But I'll take experiences like Child of Eden over any of the 'it could do this' talk


Zir02684d ago

Well it isn't failing thats for sure, even after all the hate it has got.

Kur02684d ago

Sounds vaguely familiar. *Cough* PS3 *Cough*

At least it has delivered, what has Kinect brought that has really mattered?

just_sayin2684d ago

kinectamals,that elmo game,disneyland adventure. that stupid star wars game. shall i cont.

DJMarty2684d ago

Good games........LOL

Kinect sucks

MysticStrummer2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

It's doing exactly what any rational person expected it to do, Casual gaming and menu navigation. It's not doing what many people on N4G seemed to think it would do, revolutionary integration into "hardcore" gaming.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2682d ago

It's a cash cow for casuals. Nothing more, nothing less.

billyboi1222680d ago

That's what it feels like. I haven't seen anything worth playing other than Dance Central. The other games are just hands-free Wii minigames.