(Opposing Views) May Sound Corny But It's True - MLB Bobblehead Pros is a Fun Game

NuyoRiquena "When I first got my hands on MLB® Bobblehead Pros I was all giggles. I was born a Yankees fan and like so many others, I have a huge crush on Jeter just as much for his skill as for his good looks and swag, but to see him as a bobblehead was simply adorable. My opponent and I sat down to duel with our cutesy teams. As we started to get accustomed to the controls we got a chuckle as I noticed the visible spring in the neck as the character moved around, I even made it to first base! Again laughter erupted when we saw their little feet were not attached. No legs! Adorable. By the third inning, the laughter had turned to some smack talking, from me of course. I was winning and enjoying every minute of my bigheaded team kicking Mariner butt. It changed the course of the game."

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