PlayStation Plus 1st Anniversary Treat And Welcome Back Problem Fixed

EU PS Blog writes:
"Hi Guys, thanks for your patience over the weekend. The issue with free Plus memberships not expiring on time has been fixed, so anyone that upgraded to a paid Plus membership will now have full access to all the Plus content on the Store."

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Omar912344d ago

dammit if I had known castle crashers was going to be free I would have waited.... 15 bucks at the time was steep. still a awesome game though.

Spitfire_Riggz2344d ago

ITS FREE???? Every game ive bought has eventually become free... DAMNIT. Dead Nation, Castle Crashers, Magic the gathering!

cruncher_202344d ago

If there's one thing a learn from PS+ is ... patience is rewarded !

Omar912344d ago

Cruncher: this is true my friend.

madpuppy2344d ago

I wish they would at least discount Castle crashers in the U.S. I just cannot see spending 15.00 on it, It is a fun little game just not at that price.

Old McGroin2344d ago

Castle Crashers for free? Hats off to you Sony, you were due a good PS+ update.

CanadianTurtle2344d ago

I honestly think castle crashers is worth 15 dollars. When you play it with 3 other friends the experience is completely priceless.

By the way guys, has anyone had any problems downloading medievil for the psn. They won't let me download it for some reason, even though I still had psn.