Gratuitous Tank Battles Preview - The Reticule

Chris Evans from The Reticule writes: "GTB is a top down RTS/tower defense hybrid which gives you the option to play on the usual tower defense side of…defense, but more crucially you will also be able to take control of the attacking side.. I had the pleasure to speak to Cliff about the game, and he described how the game will play on the attacking side. “Attack is where each wave, it’s you that places down the attacking units to move along pre-set routes past the enemy turrets and trenches.” He revealed that this aspect of GTB has been influenced by a famous game from PopCap and yet will manage to avoid looking like what you expect from a classic tower defense game. “It’s quite influenced by Plants vs Zombies, but done with a lot of graphical detail and complexity so if you turn off the display of the paths, it should look like a big RTS battle rather than classic Tower Defense.”"

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