FIFA 12's Career Mode: Seven key changes

OXM UK: "EA's promising a revolution this year, and when you see the new physics engine at work, it's hard to resist nodding along. But what does the new FIFA have in store for managers? At least seven things, now you ask."

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TheDareDevil2684d ago

All these changes are gonna be kind of like a beta test for FIFA 12. If the community responds positively, it will be fully featured and implemented in FIFA 13

dirigiblebill2684d ago

I hear a range of opinions about the new impact system. EG say it's massively exaggerated - you can tackle somebody and send them into a 720 degree frontal flip. Can't really see that in the trailer but it's worrisome.

Pintheshadows2684d ago

From what I have seen and read that sounds like an exaggeration. I think it looks good and if you tackle Dani Alves and he does a 720 flip then to me it sounds very realistic.

TruthBTold2684d ago

XD sounds like someone is still hurt by madrids loss