Dishonored: Bethesda’s new assassination game reacts to your level of violence

Dishonored, Bethesda's newly-announced action-adventure, positions itself as something different. Led by Thief designer Harvey Smith together with Arkane head Raphael Colantonio and Viktor Antonov (who designed City 17 for Half-Life 2), the new project offers a fairly boilerplate story, featuring regal betrayal and supernatural powers. However, developer Arkane intends to use this setup – you play as a framed bodyguard who's secretly a master of stealth, and even more secretly a talented magician – to make Dishonored more interesting than the standard sneaking-and-neck-breaking fare.

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potedude2562d ago

So this game could be awesome. Lets hope its all good...

Kee2562d ago

Bethesda have been pumping out titles left, right and centre. They just seem to be working on about 100 million games right now.

Where do they find the time to do all this?

Darkfocus2562d ago

their a publisher other dev studios make the games....they just make the elder scrolls and fallout games(actually they only made fallout 3 so fallout game not games...)

zeal0us2562d ago

Are they publishing this or actually making it?

If they are publishing it please let it be better than what Brink and Hunted demon forge.

If they are making it then H** f***ing Yes!

Pintheshadows2562d ago

Arkane studios are making it but there are people with pedigree on the project.

iNFAMOUZ12562d ago

Got good feelings about this, make it happen dudes.

DankJemo2562d ago

Playing a pirate? Sign me up.

Knuxxx2562d ago

After Brink? I think I'll have to wait and see if they can walk the walk

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