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Why Capcom Should Make a New Breath of Fire

Capcom are set to unveil a new game at this year's Comicon and GammaLounge believes it is time for a new entry in their long forgotten Breath of Fire RPG franchise. Here are a few reasons why now is a great time for a new Breath of Fire game. (Breath of Fire II , Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Capcom, Industry, PS2, PS3, PSP, Retro, Wii)

zeal0us  +   1513d ago
Breath of Fire ___
Super Breath of Fire ____
Super Breath of Fire ______ Hardcore edition

and it keeps coming.
GammaTru  +   1513d ago
Super Breath of Fire 6 Dragon Puzzle Fighter Turbo?
CrescentFang  +   1512d ago
"Super Marvel vs Capcom 2" did he mean 3?
First the US didn't get BoF III (PSP) for unknown reasons (there are only rumors about that) and we also didn't get the Last Ranker which didn't leave Japan. The heads at Capcom JP clearly don't think about anything correctly anymore, they even though Mega Man was unpopular outside Japan! What rubbish...
Dragon's Dogma sounded cool when we heard Capcom trademarked it. For some reason Demon's Souls has made 3rd person medieval action rpgs something mainstream... I was hoping for a traditional rpg... oh well...
I don't think we'll be seeing one for years and if we do, will it even leave Japan?
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GammaTru  +   1512d ago
Great comments :) I didn't realise that the US didn't get BoF3 actually, as I acquired the PAL version. It's on the EU PSN, is it on the US PSN as well? Sadly my PS3 is packed away for house moving so I can't go check myself!

You're right though, given the current climate, if they did create a new Breath of Fire, it may remain a Japanese only exclusive. Still, it would be nice to see one at least!
tiffac  +   1512d ago
Breath of Fire IV was the best in the franchise. It deserves a sequel since the story never really ended but Breath of Fire V was ugh... a totally new game. While it wasn't a bad JRPG it wasn't the sequel to Breath of Fire IV.

So if Capcom wants to revive the franchise a Breath of Fire IV-2 would be in order.
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GammaTru  +   1512d ago
Number 3 was definitely my favorite of the bunch, but I do wish they would release IV on PSN or something. I had it on the original PSOne years ago and then lost my copy :(
CLOUD1983  +   1512d ago
Breath of Fire III is one of my favorite JRPG amazing game, I really hope CAPCOM revive the franchise soon and make one more traditional JRPG w/o westernization, real time battles and action gameplay that's the downfall of the genre the last decade nothing is traditional anymore and all JRPG's have too much westernization we need more traditional JRPG's more turn based battles more +stories / -graphics and more awesome soundtracks do that CAPCOM u once new the magic formula! what happen? :/
Cloudberry  +   1512d ago
My favorite is Breath Of Fire II.
Adult Nina is lovely.

WTF CAPCOM doing with this series, they could make it for 3DS and / or Vita for crying out loud.........
M_Adkins  +   1512d ago
I love this series. BOF3 was their best in series. The way they created the world map just amazed me. 4 was solid but I never completed it. I still have both 3 and 4 on disc and am considering playing 4 again to finish up. A new BOF would be A day one purchase for me.
Evoluti0n  +   1512d ago
For the love of god, Capcom, make a new BOF.

BOF 3 was the best, by far.

Come on Capcom, make me proud.
Reibooi  +   1512d ago
The sad part is this won't happen anytime soon. A few years ago Capcom was asked if they had plans for a new Breath of Fire game and they said they don't plan on making any new breath of fire games for the indefinite future due to the down tick in RPG popularity(At least as far as they are concerned)

It's sad because the Breath of Fire series is one of the best RPG series of all time. Easily so. Breath of Fire 3 is easily one of my favorite games of all time and I still to this day pop that game in every now and again just to enjoy playing it over again. It still holds up shockingly well considering it's age.

While I would love to see a new Breath of Fire I don't think it will happen anytime soon if ever and I also have to wonder if the Capcom of today could even make a Breath of Fire in this age of gaming that would hold up to it's pedigree.(I mean this was already a problem with Dragon Quarter on the PS2 which was a big letdown)
TheRichterBelmont  +   1512d ago
I'd rather have a new Super Breath of Fire Turbo Championship edition than the nothing we've had from the series in a long while.
Xof  +   1511d ago
Hasn't there been an NGC Breath of Fire, a DS Breath of Fire and a Wii breath of fire?

I think there are other franchises, left stagnant longer, that deserve sequels far more.

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