Ubisoft "laments" rushed Assassin's Creed ending, Revelations will give Altair closure

OXM UK: "Assassin's Creed: Revelations will give the Altaïr Ibn la-Ahad story arch a "proper conclusion", writer Darby McDevitt has told OXM, answering questions left hanging by the first game."

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dirigiblebill2347d ago

Altair > Ezio > piece of burnt toast > Desmond

Quagmire2347d ago

Its great that Nolan North is voicing Desmond, but holy hell give the character something to do! Give him meaning, a purpose. I'm more interested in Altair and Ezio than I am about Desmond. They need to explain more about why Desmond is there.

Nate-Dog2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Well he has his purpose, I mean without Desmond we couldn't see these memories of Altair and Ezio and locate the pieces of eden that are still (in one way or another) relevant, and the assassins clearly need him to be the one to try and stop Abstergo's satellite launch and stop the Templars taking control of everyone. It seems that most people around here don't really want ACIII to be all about Desmond but the whole story has been building up to his moment where it's all about him and when the assassins can finally confront Abstergo and take them down and that's the thing I've been most looking forward to in the series for a while.

Redempteur2347d ago

it's about time they gave something to desmond AKA his own story ..

Quagmire2347d ago

I wouldnt mind if they gave him more prominence in AC3, however I dont want a full-fledged title of Desmond running around skyscrapers to high to climb and too far apart to jump across, which is why I encourage the new historic setting/timeline/assassin.

MostJadedGamer2345d ago

The AC franchise is all about playing in epic historical locations.

Desmond, and all the sci-fi, and modern crap are garbage, and just serve to interupt the game.

MostJadedGamer2345d ago

AC1 one was crap, and I didn't even bother finishing it. I could care less about Altair so weather he gets a proper ending or not is totally irrelevent to me.

Nate-Dog2347d ago

I didn't really think Altair's ending was that rushed in AC to be honest. I know Ubi admitted the game lacked in certain departments because they became a bit worried about how much hype the title was getting and they didn't know if they could match it but I thought the pacing of the story was fine for the most part.

AfricanWoolf2347d ago

I'm glad we get to revisit Altair. I always liked the middle Eastern setting more than Italy.

MostJadedGamer2345d ago

I don't at all like the Middle Eastern setting, but if they are going to do a Middle Eastern setting they could not have picked a better city then Constantinople.

Constantinople is without question one of the most legendary cities in world history, and is without question one of the top 10 cities of all time.