Why Is The New XCOM A Shooter? Because ‘Strategy Games Are Just Not Contemporary’

Kotaku: The beloved but dormant X-COM series, the strategy game franchise created by Mythos and Microprose, is getting a revival in the form of a first-person shooter next year, offending the sensibilities of old-school PC gamers. Why would 2K Games do such a thing?

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Letros2711d ago

And yet 2k makes the highly successful turn based strategy series known as Civilization...

Ranshak2711d ago

Its an attempt to make money of a popular franchise. Except they dont want to be putting in the effort to make a complex game the original fans will enjoy.

Instead they will make it into a dumbed down casual friendly shooter (since shooter is what everyone wants these days).

People will get tired of this sooner or later, i think the market is stuffed with FPS games.

Spitfire_Riggz2711d ago

I cant stand it. Ive been able to play U3 because its a small change from a FPS but damn i feel overdosed! Had to go back and play Ocarina of time Mario 64 Conkers Bad Fur day and Crash 3!!! NO MAS!

kevnb2711d ago

This is why consoles bore me to death this gen, full of a genre better done on pc.

Baka-akaB2711d ago

There are still plenty other genre , even if a fad is dominant and still growing .

It's up to you to find other games and genres , if you care for it .

thereapersson2711d ago

Their legacy is being tarnished in a quick cash-grab scenario

"Strategy games are just not contemporary"

Yeah, and shooters are dime-a-dozen. The only people who even know about XCOM in the first place and would even buy the game are the same people who you are giving the middle finger to by turning this game into an FPS.

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Chaostar2711d ago

You're absolutely right, there's no excuse for this tragedy.

Ducky2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

FrozenSynapse shows how wrong they are as well... then again, that game isn't played in droves like FPS games, so maybe they're right.

They have a point that, if they want to sell a game across multiple platforms, then a TBS isn't going to have the same mass-appeal as an FPS.
... so they're going to where the market is.

CrzyFooL2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Umm the new Xcom looks awesome and it's way more than an FPS, stufu please.

Baka-akaB2711d ago

Let me take anything else you like and turn it into a fps , and pretend you wouldnt initially bitch about it too ...

Corrwin2711d ago

If Strategy games are not contemporary, then why bother making a game from a franchise with strategy at it's heart?

Apart form trying to:
a) Make money off people who played the originals
b) Dissuade those who didn't play the originals from doing so, enriching their experience ("Yeah I played XCom too, it was a shooter right?"), and thereby making more money off a new game than heavily discounted older games.

Kind of how they screwed over the Thief series by releasing Deadly Shadows: Simplified, and with no No 3 in the title, so people don't feel bad about not playing the originals.

Pintheshadows2711d ago

I played and loved the original Thief games. I did it however enjoy Deadly Shadows. It was a good stealth game. Just not very indicative of the original games which was massively depressing.

This is even worse. Next we will find that Elite 4 is an FPS as well.

VampiricDragon2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

yeah then dont call this xcom because this isnt xcom. This is a generic shooter you stole the name to get sales.

strategy games are better than "contemporary" generic shooters

fr00ty-wizenhymer2711d ago

Yet another great series dies.

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