BioShock for PlayStation Vita Will Be A Surprising, All-New, Weird Experiment

Kotaku: Ken Levine and Irrational Games are going to get all weird on you with the next BioShock game—not BioShock Infinite, the one after that, the one coming to Sony's new PlayStation Vita at some point.

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jujubee882625d ago

Who among the gaming audience is normal? We all have far too much imagination! :D

MasterCornholio2625d ago

They should bring it to the 3DS as well. Its unfair that they dont the 3DS is more than capable of handling a title like this.

Just_The_Truth2625d ago

"more than capable".......the 3ds doesn't even have two analog sticks, in fact it doesn't even have one, it has a nub which wouldn't be ideal for a bioshock game.

MasterCornholio2624d ago

They can use the touch screen. I mean they did it with Metroid for the DS so i cant see why they cant implement the same controls. 3DS owners have the right to enjoy core games like Bioshock.