Square Enix considering possibility to port Final Fantasy XI to PSVita

On the recent interview with “Famitsu”, Final Fantasy producer Hiromichi Tanaka said that Square Enix are investigating a straight port to the PlayStation Vita.

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Kain812688d ago

Use the resources to make new IPs or do some FANSERVICE and bring Chrono Trigger,Secret of Mana, Parasite Eve or Kingdom Hearts back on PSVita or make Remakes of them, but do not waste time on a 8 year old MMOgame...

NovusTerminus2688d ago

I do not understand why SE is doing this. It is bad business to launch an 8 year old MMO when you are trying to fix the new one!

And btw, good list of games there! But I would add Bushido Blade.

Kain812688d ago

There are more Games in my Mind like Secret of Evermore, Terranigma, Rudra no hiou, Front Mission...what about them, they should remake them first

NovusTerminus2688d ago

I still own the SNES cartridge for Secret of Evermore!

SE has so many games they could work with and they, for whatever reason, refuse to do so.

Ddouble2687d ago

Why would it be bad for business?

It's a straight port and I think it would only appeal to the current subscribers and might bring back old ones since it would be the first MMO on a handheld.How they will implement it in though i don't know but since everyone is saying it's easy to port things onto the Vita i'm sure they can do it and it won't require too much resources.

As for the other games i won't be worried. Square's best games this gen are on the PSP imo so i'm sure they'll be all over the Vita.

rob60212687d ago

Yea given how Monster Hunter is such a massive success in Japan - this game is a full fleshed out version of that in some ways. They're thinking of the Japanese market.

Kira832687d ago

i miss bushido blade and also nothing says i dont care about my current gen MMO like porting a last gen MMO

TheDivine2687d ago

They shouldve never launched ff14. They had a huge ff11 fanbase on ps2, 360, pc. All they needed to do was put ou a ps3/vita version and keep updating it like wow. Wow is big partly because there is no wow 2 to split the fanbase, blizzard updates it and constantly adds expansions. From what ive heard f11 was pretty great so a few graphics updates, expansions, tweaks couldve snowballed it into a huge game. If they really took ff14 seriously they would have a ps3/360 version out already with wii u on the way. They wouldve updated it quicker and better to fix all the niggles peeps ave with it. It seems to have great potential if they listen to feedback. Square was begging ms to let ff14 be on 360, i have no idea why ms said no when ff11 is on there. Just wave the xbl fee for it and throw 5 bucks a month to ms to keep them happy.

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MasterCornholio2688d ago

They should redo Final Fantasy 7 and release it for the Vita. Would be incredible to play 7 again with updated visuals. Or a Kingdom Hearts for Vita would be great as well.

MrSpace2687d ago

I think with us waiting this long for a remake of FF7 or even 8/9 we should at least get a full release for the PS3.

Drab2687d ago

Do they no know XI is dead?????

JAMurida2687d ago

The game's not dead. Still has a lot of people who play the game. Not to mention, it still gets content updates time to time. Though it would of been better for them to promote FFXIV if they were going to put an MMO on the Vita, but I'm sure FFXIV is too graphic demanding to even run on Vita.

I don't see how it would work, when you consider simple stuff like needing to have a keyboard, battery life, etc... But if it does come out then it would be something to check out I guess...

2687d ago
Drab2687d ago

All ppl do on fenrir is Abysses exp lol, there's no low lv'n anymore, quest /shouts or anything.....I'm going to re-activate my account and get on tomorrow. Btw know any servers that still have event /shouts in the main towns????

Prototype2687d ago

The game is far from dead, if anything people are actually coming back because they actually answered a ton of complaints from the fanbase (I'm actually considering going back myself)

jujubee882687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

After pretty much every big name company announced or at least hinted at a PS Vita project, SE are finally arriving late to the party.

Dissidia and Crisis core where all new experiences for the PSP and did very VERY well (sales only count for one part, the massive amounts of piracy should translate to a wide fanbase). I would not put to much merrit into a straight port of an old FF franchise.

After FF type-0, SE wil probably get serious and work on an all new gig built specifically for the PS Vita - not to say there will never be a port of any old franchise for the PS Vita sometime later but, right now SE is firing on all cylinders with the games they established for the PSP. SE should and likely will continue on the legacy of games they built on the PSP.

rob60212687d ago

I just can't imagine playing it without a keyboard. It was always a pain when I had to on PS2 (when i was without my usb keyboard)

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