Capcom Announcing New Game at Comic-Con 2011

Capcom have just released their booth and line-up details for their appearance at this year’s Comic-Con. Of course, they’ll be showcasing Resident Evil, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and a few other titles, but what was interesting, was the fact that their press release revealed that they’ll be announcing a new game before the show.

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MoDyDo2712d ago

I really hope it's either Dino Crisis or Onimusha, it's kinda impossible though.

Arcee2712d ago

I am so with you on Dino Crisis. I loved those games. Well, except for 3 and Dino Stalker. But 1 and 2 were incredibly awesome.

MoDyDo2712d ago

Yea especially Dino 1, I love it

CrescentFang2712d ago

Do you think Breath of Fire is possible?... Yeah I know, it's less likely than the two you mentioned...

MoDyDo2712d ago

Of course, they just ignore the fans

BubbleSniper2712d ago


who cares? seriously. Shinji Mikami is gone. i do NOT want another Dino Crisis. it'd be in name only.

MoDyDo2711d ago

Yea you're right they'll probably screw it like RE and DMC, I don't know what they are thinking

jimmyboy2712d ago

Although I know it's not really a 'new' game, I'm hoping they shed some light on Ace Attorney Investigations 2 for a Western release.

Cajun Chicken2712d ago

Just about given up it being Powerstone now.

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Quagmire2712d ago

What we hope it is:

Monster Hunter for PS3
Dino Crisis Reboot
Lost Planet 3 (don't judge me)

What it Probably is:

Super Marvel v Capcom 3 (which i dont mind, so long as its got all previous DLC, and a bunch of new content. Lol at people who buy Capcom games day 1)

TheLastGuardian20102712d ago

Capcom already talked about a continuation of Marvel vs. Capcom. There talking about this "new game" as something else.

Let's remember capcom did promise 2 new ip's (one being dragons dogma) for 2012.

FlintGREY2712d ago

I actually liked Lost Planet...LP3 would be cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.