The top 10 mistakes that game designers still make

"Since the dawn of home video gaming, games have offered exploration and adventure. They give everyone the ability to feel like a hero, to explore dangerous and uncharted lands. And since the very beginning, game designers have made huge blunders in creating those worlds. That’s not to say that they don’t get a ton of stuff right – they do. We wouldn’t keep playing games if they weren’t fun. But as the medium has evolved, some game design blunders have inexplicably remained consistent.

Perhaps this is due to the mass-marketing of games to all, perhaps it’s just laziness. No matter what the reason is, these aren’t acceptable any more. Gamers should demand more."

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potedude2625d ago

Most of those written there drive me mad! Non-moving NPC's being probably one of the worst.

Playing LA Noir at the mo, a lot of the same problems in that. Plus FF13 anyone?

CrimsonEngage2625d ago

#11- Terrible Spawn points in MP games

barb_wire2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I absolutely agree about not being able to place a little note on a map for a reminder that I've been here and done that. Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Torchlight all offenders there. No doubt Skyrim will be the same.

I think the author of that piece missed one though..

and that's "you wait here and fight off all of these enemies while I unlock this door or elevator comes"

Doom 3, Halo, Quake series, and far too many other games are guilty of this.. I hate it, poor game design in my mind.

Oh and I loathe the "escort type missions" - wouldn't be so bad, if the people you were escorting didn't have brain dead AI.. they just stand there or worse stand in front of the enemy who is trying to kill them or better yet they stand in front of you when you're shooting said enemies! Hate those type of missions.

strange19862625d ago

Haha yeah, "Hold on let me hack this door, it's going to take a bit of time though." Ugh.

Saladfax2625d ago

That's the hamburger hill scenario you're talking about. Very occasionally can a stationary defense spot be really neat, and I'm thinking of a few instances in the Half-Life 2 episodes as examples (although a couple of them were a little irritating).

Most concretely I'm thinking the Antlion charge in Episode 2. That scene had such great build to it, as your defenses keep getting more and more tested.

wallis2625d ago

Unskippable cutscenes and no quick save on PC games drive me fucking insane.

If you're gonna do autosaves then make sure you do it fucking properly! It is not okay to punish the player by making them replay sections of the game. In fact it's not fucking okay to punish the god damned player at all. We bought the game to play it, not get punched in the face by it because we didn't meet it's standards. Don't fine me, don't take loot away, don't make me replay parts of the game, don't make me have to run through huge open areas because you insist on using fucking respawn points (I'm looking at you bioshock and borderlands), don't make me sit through a loading screen with a useless tip like "press space to jump", and don't you dare make me watch an unskippable cutscene.

If you want to "punish" the player and adhere to what is actually an arbitrary rule in the game design text book then you can taunt me on the loading screen but God damn it you better be prepared to write ten thousand taunts because if I wind up cycling through the same half a dozen I'm going on a rampage.

Losing is in itself punishment. The idea that we're failing at a game millions of other people are probably succeeding right there and then is enough needed to make me want to push forward. And MAYBE, God forbid, a legitimately interesting story arc and characters will help drive me forward.

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The story is too old to be commented.