Famitsu's Readers Want Kingdom Hearts on PS3

Andriasang: There's currently no indication that Square Enix is making Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation 3. But PS3 does seem to be the platform of choice for the series amongst readers of Japan's largest video game magazine, Weekly Famitsu.

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Lazyeye792383d ago

I hope to see a KH3 game soon. I just hope that they don't make it multi plat.

WombBat2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Greedy F***er, everyone should be able to enjoy it.

With this game being in development for so long, i would be suprised if this game stayed exclusive to PS3.

SoapShoes2382d ago

@WombBat - Everyone can enjoy it, they just need to buy a PS3.

fear882383d ago

I would love to see square make a Kingdom Hearts. But seeing it on the 360 will make for great entertainment on the forums.

zinkabassy2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I thought you already got a Disney game from MS this year,.. where you prance like a little homo in front of TV and Micky stick a finger up your ass,..Apparently MS thinks you want that kind of games,.. fistbump

KonaBro2383d ago

That was the funniest thing I've heard all day.

fear882383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

The hell you talking about? I was implying how square ruined FFXIII and the FF franchise by putting it on the 360 and parading it around like it was gold on toast. Then acting like it was a "sub-par" product compared to FFXII-2 to make it seem like they have not already sold out.

There as bad at listening to their fans as crapcom.

I just wish I said it better in my first post. :facepalm:

Snake Raiser2383d ago

Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars Battlefront are probably my two most missed franchises from the PS2 days. Both of them played a major role in changing me from a casual to a hardcore gamer. I make Youtube videos, and I have mentioned these games plenty of times in my videos. Every time I talk about them I get tons of people commenting saying that they agree with me and wish new games would come out on a console. So the demand is there. When will they capitalize on it?

Lazyeye792383d ago

They just don't seem to care.

dgonza402383d ago

which is stupid -_-
they're already holding back a FF remakes and versus as well..
idk, square should be better than this.

Hell, i'd even settle for a KH collection :p

[email protected]2383d ago

it would be ready, I guess for the anniversary since a third-party company can handle it like many others :)

matey2383d ago

tuff its only going on WiiU and its been in development on WiiU 4 a while the game is meant to look CGI in game

109876543212383d ago

Ha Ha Ha, good one chief, you should become a stand up comedian.

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The story is too old to be commented.