PlayStation Vita PSP All Over Again? Hardly. (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): It's easy to form parallels between Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita and the company's previous handheld, the PSP.

Once again, the publisher's system is more powerful than the competition. It will also play games like Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout and Ridge Racer.

That is where most of the similarities end.

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THC CELL2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

getting sick of this site always has some question like psv doom is it a fail, just stop n dont approve now its lame

jujubee882686d ago

They must have different writers because this article was actually pro PS Vita and gave reasons why it would succeed in the consumer market and among gamers and lovers of good entertainment.

MasterCornholio2686d ago

Strange i read yesterday an anti Vita article from the site. Basically it stated that the Vita will fail because the 3DS will outsell it due to fanbase and thus publishers would abandon the system due to that. Yet with this article its extremely pro Vita. I am guessing that the former was written by a Vita hater.