Call of Duty 4: The Best Shooter of 2007 in GamePro Review

Infinity Ward brings the critically acclaimed Call of Duty franchise out of the World War II trenches with a modernized update that does just about everything right! Get ready to enter the fray with GamePro's review of Call of Duty 4

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MK_Red4061d ago

NO cons. Seriously, I agree. The SP may be short but it's more than a superb and perfect SP. Seriously awesome and cinematic.

And then multiplayer of COD4... It's easily THE best MP shooter in years. The only game that may be this good in multiplayer is UT3.

dachiefsman4061d ago

I don't see how you can deem something the best....Especially since the general public has not played the game...

I remember reading the same type of reviews for Halo 3 and I don't think it is the best. The qualities of the games are different. Yea they are both shooters, but one is a sci-fi epic while the other is a modern war epic.

Don't get me wrong I know that COD4 will be an excellent game, but the whole thing with putting games on pedestals as "the best ever" or "game of games" is just not logical.

MK_Red4061d ago

Well, I haven't bought the game yet but let's just say that a friend on mine somehow got the final game and I tell you this. COD4 IS the best shooter of 2007. I was a BioShock fanatic and still worship it but COD4 is something else.

Peekay4061d ago

@ MK Sorry bro - i'm gona have to disagree - UT3 will be the best shooter around. I honestly cant wait for anything more on the ps3. p.s - yes it is Subzero! =) But the chief you're right at the end of the day its one man's opinion.

MK_Red4061d ago

Sub-Zero FTW!

I'm a UT fanatic and I love UT3 to be the best but I haven't played it. Didn't play the demo because wanted to buy and play the full version the moment it's out :)

Thanks for answering. Peekay and Subzero FTW :)

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OOG FunK4061d ago


jack who4061d ago

gamepro = useless...lets move on

felman874061d ago

Listen to MK, he knows what he's talking about

ScentlessApprentice74061d ago

All the Xbox Halo Freaks sure aren't going to like that headline. Now it's going to get all mad and personal.

The BS Police4060d ago

The fact is most Halofans will be picking up COD4 eventually, some fans won't pick it up untill they are bored of Halo 3, which some are.

All in all, let the online numbers do the talking first.

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The story is too old to be commented.