PSN Pass Will Be “System Level”

TSA: "Insomniac community manager James Stevenson has once again spoken out about the still all-too-vague new service."

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sulack2711d ago

The future makes me sad.

WooHooAlex2711d ago

You have GameStop to thank for that.

longcat2711d ago

cheapskates who buy used to save $3-5 carry some blame too.

Dart892711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I'm afraid b4 this gen is over all games will have a pass of some sort:(.

Edit:Freaking retarded disagree fairies *Brings out flamethrower lets see you do it again :D*

Dante1122711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

So you can use it on your multiple accounts if it on the same system, but if it's a different one (a friend's, borrower or renting it out) you might have a problem.

slayorofgods2711d ago

Sorry Insomniac, but I'm going to have to "pass" on this atrocious idea.

JoGam2711d ago

Its cool Insomniac, I'll buy his copy. Love some Resistance.

fear882711d ago

Maybe if we keep on complaining we will get something better. You know, like how everyone keeps on complaining about Sony and they keep on delivering better stuff.

Just keep bitching.

SoapShoes2711d ago

Yeah except everyone will do it, it's already catching on and once everyone does it it won't matter what you think.

SoapShoes2711d ago

I think people should stop talking about the PSN pass. If you buy used on Craigslist and buy the PSN Pass, you are STILL saving money! Only now you are saving money and supporting the developers. If you buy it new, you have nothing to worry about and don't have to pay anything extra. The only scenario where it is bad is when you're buying used to only save $5-10 in which case you should cough up the extra money for it new.

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BryanBegins2711d ago

I would actually prefer it to be at the PSN name level. So that you can use it with only one PSN, but on many systems. Thank god the slim doesn't YLoD, otherwise this pass would be really annoying.

Dante1122711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

True, like the author said, Sony should give more details on the PSN Pass system. We're just now finding out that we can also use it on multiple sub accounts.

slayorofgods2711d ago

and that its system level, as BryanBegins stated, this is worse.

f7897902711d ago

I'm sure the slim fails and people are going to get screwed.

For most this isn't really an issue. I play so very few games online and I always buy new (at $30 lol!).

SweatyFlorida2711d ago

Or both, linked to PSN AND the PS3 would be better

kamakaz3md2711d ago

not worried about it, i play my games at home, 1 system, 1 controller, the best exclusives and myself...

StarWolf2711d ago

i dont care, i buy all my online games new on week 1 to play online and not get destroyed. The only thing im worried is if we will be able to use the same game for 2 online accounts on the same PS3.

showtimefolks2711d ago

everyone complains about these online passes why don't uall try to come up with something that will work for every party involved.

whether we like it or not these online passes are here to stay and will put a lot of money back into publishers and developer's pockets and rightfully so. How come every store make a killing off used games sales besides the people who actually made the game i don't think its fair.

if you are planning on playing a game online for few months buy it new.

If you are not sure use gamefly or buy it used try the 2 day free trail and than pay $10 to play online.

I will rent all games that i am interested in single player wise from gamefly as usual and any game i am interested in online will be bought new at launch.

thebudgetgamer2711d ago

i don't care about the ten dollars, it's locking the game i paid for too one console so if i want to start a game in bed then continue in the living room i can't and that's bs.

showtimefolks2711d ago

who are using what they bought new in a legit way but what they are trying to do is control used game sales

i guess there is no easy way out of this a lot of gamers feel like they paid full 60 they have every right to do what they want but i am with the publishers on this just because you pay for something once doesn't mean others can use to 4-5 different times on different consoles

and i know i am one of very few who are on publishers sides i rather see some money go back to the devs than gamestop getting richer

just look at how many studios have closed off in last 2-4 years in a way we are loosing some of our fav devs so we need to support them

mastiffchild2711d ago

And they have NO right to expect money from used sales.Does the car maker get any, do i as a musician get any , does a film company when you sell on a DVD?no. we just take it ion the chin but the games industry is the biggest greed monster in the world and we fall for it every time. Sadly, this is gonna hurt them too-a klot of students who would have been big gamers may now lose touch with gaming-I would have done and now buy tons of games-if they aren't able to join in with used titles. It' short sighted, greedy and childish.

Here's an idea-if they want people to buy new and keep games forever and even get the poor to save up for their new games why on Earth don't they make them any effing good? Just make the games good enough to keep-problem effing solved. but, noooo-that might mean accepting that they aren't God's gift.

Gamers agreeing with this are like turkeys asking for ten Xmasses a year.

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