Some Tips Before You Play The Catherine Demo

Siliconera: There’s a Catherine demo online and it covers the very beginning of Vincent’s nightmare. You’ll meet Katherine, Vincent, and Catherine before diving into one of the game’s block towers. You have to climb up before a monster reaches Vincent and stabs him with a giant fork. What should you do?

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kma2k2624d ago

Sorry to have to be so negative, but personally i hated the demo. I died way to many times to have the game be considered fun. Maybe if there was more checkpoints & you didnt have to redo the same part of the puzzle so many times until you just memorized it, that isnt fun,

fluffydelusions2624d ago

I haven't personally played it yet but I watched a play through on youtube and it looked pretty good IMO.

Tired2624d ago

I really enjoyed it...but I read it was about an hours worth of game...took half that. found it too least here's more settings on the retail version

t0mmyb0y2624d ago

Tip: Get more game skills

Szarky2624d ago

here's a tip, stop whining and bang your hot girlfriend Vincent! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm 32-years-old and I such a downer.

NarooN2624d ago

Yeah Vince is a cool dude, but mopes too much. Just bend her over and maybe the two of you wouldn't be so high-strung all the time!

stunkilla2624d ago

i beat the demo in i think 5min just skiping cutseens