Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review (TechDay / Game Console)

Ryan Vincent finds a confusing mess of neglected plot points, illogical storytelling, perspective shifts, and explosions.

Just like the movie.

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Redrum0592565d ago

i doubt it sucks that bad.

a 2.5??? realy?

aPerson2565d ago

It doesn't suck, but it's not great either.

Just another website looking for hits (and a chance to bash the movie).

MattMNZ2564d ago

Well if you read the review it does say that it is based on the single player campaign only, because the multiplayer servers have been continually down for AU/NZ, how crap is that? Reading some of the other reviews, the multiplayer is one of the better parts of the game, and when you look at the reviewers score breakdown, if the multiplayer was working, then he probabably would have ranked lasting appeal higher, and thus the whole game higher?
Graphics – 5/10

Sound – 6.5/10

Gameplay – 3/10

Lasting Appeal – 2.5/10