PS4: 8 features Sony need to incorporate to win the Next Gen console war

Though the rumours regarding the launch of Playstation 4 allegedly scheduled for Fall 2012 have started gaining heat its definitely going to be more than that since the PS3 has recently started gaining fame sales-wise.

These are quite possibly the most anticipated 8 features Sony need to incorporate to win the Next Gen console war.

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shreeveera2349d ago

1. Full BC with PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PSV
2. Multi cell processors for CPU + GPU (2 in 1)
3. SSD & more ram (MS & NIN will use HDD in their next)
4. Bluray with even more space
5. Upgraded Dualshock with cool L2/R2 triggers
6. Finally An Affordable Price
7. Mozilla Firefox web browser with plugin support
8. Cross game chat

coolbeans2349d ago

There's no way anyone can expect number 1 to happen. Certainly would be awesome but that's asking for the impossible imo.

a_squirrel2349d ago

They did it with the ps3 at launch...

Godmars2902349d ago

PS1 BC is a software emulation whereas PS2 notable titles are getting HD remakes, PSV promises cross-system integration, so more than likely Sony's chief concern will be PS3/PS4 BC.

A lager/faster BR drive, CPU/GPU should be so obvious they're not worth mentioning.

What will be the question is system architecture and development tools: Sony's not likely to repeat that mistake.

As for a browser, I think they'll go with 3rd party apps. As many sites are actively blocking and restricting it as just not playing it. That includes Youtube. Really don't know why it seems I'm the only person who actually uses the damn thing to realize such is even going on.

DaThreats2349d ago

It will be counter productive if it's BC with PSV
Development Price will go up if they make it BC with PS1/PS2 games.
Rather not have that feature in.

Pandamobile2349d ago

Shreeveera's vision of the PS4 would cost upwards of $800 for the first couple of years...

a_squirrel2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

SSD is really expensive.

Edit: The only reason Sony would do that with SSD is to do what it did with Blu-Ray. Push the industry forward. New stuff is pricey, but still great, and making a lot of SSDs would bring down it's price as well (after the first few years) but make the ps4 expensive as hell.

A plus side to the CELL is that now their processors will be better used, and a lot cheaper to make, dropping the price.

shreeveera2349d ago

Just kidding.
Remove PS1,PS2,PSP and PSVITA from the list and it makes sense.

Full PS3 BC is highly likely and more than sufficient for a PS4. Though PS2 BC support would be excellent.

a_squirrel2349d ago

B/C isn't hard, the SSD is. You want cheap and expensive all in the same. Oh, and you could've said a better browser to keep people that prefer one or the other from disagreeing.

fluffydelusions2349d ago

I will take Chrome over FF anyday

a_squirrel2349d ago

It's funny because the only part I didn't like (from his suggestions) was the firefox browser, and the SSD which would bring up the cost to something insane.

tiffac2348d ago

I find Chrome to be faster and it seems lighter when it comes to memory (I think), so it would be ideal for a console.

Spitfire_Riggz2349d ago

THIS!!! Whats wrong with these fools! That is the best damn list ive ever seen. I would also add that we be able to install other OS as well so I can be lazy and enjoy my nostalgic emulators without leaving the comfort of my bed.

Kur02349d ago

I'd rather Google Chrome.

ps4me2348d ago

Superb set of 8 features I too like to be incorporated though I doubt the inclusion of Full BC(Point

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geniusgamerdoc2349d ago

new triggers, new interface, and amazing hardware. oh! and keep having alot of first party studios.
Colour options like-Blue,Brown and Pink.

a_bro2349d ago

make sure that Home is there from day 1 with all the features we wanted from it in the first place, and streamlined of course.

frankymv2349d ago

PS4 Launch price $349

Fall 2012

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

And when I will get marry?

frankymv2348d ago

when you can spell "married"

geniusgamerdoc2349d ago

Superb article:) Mozilla Firefox browser will make my Day along with a fully revamped XMB.

gaden_malak2349d ago

I just use my laptop for browsing...

a_bro2348d ago

nothings better than sitting on the couch and browse on your HDTV bro.

gaden_malak2348d ago

Not if you only have a controller to use. Too slow.

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