Final Fantasy Versus XIII interview with Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu

This week's issue of Famitsu has an interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura, and information about that interview is making it's way online. The interview delves into cutscenes primarily, and lets us know they will be manipulatable among other things.

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Hoje03082712d ago

So close to not even giving a shit about this game anymore.

iamtehpwn2712d ago

Actually, if you read the article, it sounds like the guy is pouring his heart and soul into making this best game he's ever made.

Abash2712d ago

I have a feeling I'll be playing this for the first time on a PS4

Godmars2902712d ago

Well, considering all the crap Square main has done, that makes it all the worse.

FFXIII and XIV had the same over-positive hype talk every other game has gotten, and for the most part they've disappointed about twice as much.

Don't care if it Nomura or not, I for one need to see the finished product.

DualConsoleOwner2712d ago

He said he won't be making any more games after this and he would like to make FF 13 versus his best and final work before he retires.

So, i think we can assume that Nomura is going to give it his best... which explains delays... the guy wants to make it perfect.

Lavalamp2712d ago

I think you're confusing Nomura with Sakaguchi and the Last Story. Sakaguchi said that he wanted to work on his game "as if it were his last project." but not literally.

slayorofgods2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )


Nomura actually has several projects lined up after vs13 which includes a new kingdom hearts.

I am still excited for vs13. Mostly because of the inclusion of airships and a vast map. What I've read so far sounds like a real FF title.

DarkSymbiote2711d ago

Yes, but I wish he would concentrate on just one game. Damn Wada!

gaffyh2711d ago

@Nomura - I don't care about any info any more, just give me a release date. That's it, then I will be happy.

Darkseeker2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Problem is most of the staff is probably busy helping for Final Fantasy Type-0 and of course Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I assume when those 2 games are done, the pace with FFvs13 will pick up and we will finally see it.

From the way he speaks about the quality of this game, it's not going to 360 ever.

sikbeta2711d ago

It's taking so damn long, Vs XIII better be great and don't end up like FF13...

Capt-FuzzyPants2711d ago

Thats good since hes made pretty good games.

lil Titan2711d ago

cant wait for this game but is this really Nomura last work? what about Kingdom Hearts 3?

Peaceful_Jelly2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

This is not Nomura's last work, the guy's only 39 years old and he's gonna retire? lol

On top of that he said that he'll start working on KH3 after vsXIII is finished so this is not gonna be his last work either.

TheMutator2711d ago

only one person can make a good FF game and is Hironobu Sakaguchi with Nobou Uematsu , so i dont give a shit about this emo FF with Nomura , anyway Nomura only kill the series slowly

Myze2711d ago


While your comment is clearly trolling and bashing someone (Nomura) for no reason, I will bite.

Sakaguchi is great and is definitely the man responsible for Final Fantasy being realized. You should learn though, he has not been the main man behind any Final Fantasy since FFV, since after that he became VP of Squaresoft and had other duties. While no doubt still very much involved in all FFs till 12, he was never the director. (Don't wanna take anything away from him though, as he was still very much involved in the stories, but definitely not the only one.)

I will concede a little bit on Uematsu, since he has been the main composer of ever main FF game till XIII. It's silly to claim that other people can't do the composing though. Uematsu didn't do anything for Final Fantasy Tactics, and with the possible exception of FFVI, I think it has the best composition of any FF game to date. (on a side note, the music in FFXIII was actually pretty good, and wasn't one of it's weak points, imo)

I have a lot of faith in Nomura, who is pretty much the only big name left from before that still does the directing (sadly, Kitase only produces now) for the games. FFvsXIII shows a lot of promise and everything I've seen on it looks great. Sadly, it is going way too slow for my liking, as I would guess is the same for everyone else.

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RememberThe3572712d ago

I meant to agree with you. I still want to know about it but I feel too disappointed to care as much as I used to.


It's Nomura, this guy as the Chief made the best FF, unlike FF XIII which he was not the Chief.

And now he is back as the Chief in Versus.

TheDivine2712d ago

Imo the real talent behing the best ff's was Sakaguchi. Nomura is good but mainly a character designer which is a huge part but not the soul or the magic in the series. Vs13 looks amazing though, love the darker tone. Hope we get this before new consoles ship.

DragonKnight2712d ago

If you're talking about FFVII, then you're WAY off. Nomura was merely the character designer for FFVII and it was in fact his first real FF game. He was nowhere near in control of that game. It was all Sakaguchi.

And FFVII is not the best FF, it's highly overrated.

PshycoNinja2712d ago

Actually it was said many times that Nomura came up with many of the twists and personalities of the characters in that game (Arith dying, sepheroph being a badass).

It has also been stated that he also helped make (direct) the summoning CGI sequences. So even if he only did those things, they were the best things of the entire game.

DragonKnight2712d ago

@PsychoNinja: Aeris dying had nothing to do with Nomura. That was Sakaguchi's idea based on a very personal event in his own life. He also had nothing to do with Sephiroth either. He literally was just the character designer for that game. Any personality quirks are the result of his designs, not any direct involvement in the main aspects of the game. Hell, even his designs were anime ripoffs, especially Sephiroth. Sephiroth is a carbon copy, stereotypical anime "villain."

baker_boi2712d ago


6,7,10,and 12 are the best games out of the whole series.

Reasoning being? They actually had concrete stories and great game play.

A lot of people wanna come talk about that sorry FF8 being great, but it just caught a lot of fans from the vapors of FF7.

FF6 is in general the best, FF7 was almost like a 3D, new generation homage to that and it was great.

8 had a rinky dink store, 9 was tedious and I didn't even get off the 2nd disc because of the irritating characters.

My only gripe with 10 was one of the gripes I had with 8. The game was FAR too easy. You didnt have to put any work in to be strong.

13 then took the polar opposite approach to 10 and doesn't let you become strong at all. You never feel like you match or over power any current enemies in the game the way they limit you all the way into the post game.

And even still you never actually get to achieve stats where you can just run through enemy fodder without having to use every aspect of the battle system(status effects, paradigm shifting etc.)

Where as with 6, 7, and 12 if you put in the work and found all the secret stuff, then put your group together right, you could be come a 3 man army.

I fear the days of free reign on character building like that in FF is now gone though.

They'll hold you back from grinding or leveling stats and make you play the game how they want you to.

Peaceful_Jelly2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

the idea of Aerith dying came from Kitase. Nomura was actually against it because it was too cliched to see a loved one die for the sake of the other but Kitase had more influence because he was the director (and nomura a noob) and he convinced Sakaguchi and Nojima (writers) and look how that turned out. 10 years later and people are still talking about the death of Aeris. Nomura helped on other things beside character design but it was just minor stuff.

Nomura is a great designer but not better than Amano. Nomura is a good director but not better than Sakaguchi or Kitase. But Nomura is 1000x times better director than Toriyama and that's why FFvsXIII is gonna be at least 10 times better than FFXIII and 20 times better than FFXIII-2. Toriyama should be fired before he completely ruins the franchise with his garbage.

Arnagrim2712d ago

I wanted to reply to baker_boi and point out everything wrong with his post; but decided I didn't feel writing a novel.

Pozzle2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Actually, Nomura had a pretty big input when creating FFVII (according to Nomura, Kitase and Noara). After the making of FFVI, they wanted to include some of the other designers a little more in the actual development of the plot.
True, Nomura was primarily a character designer, but he also came up with some of the game's main themes:

"To start there was just ideas and discussion, between the three of them (Kitase, Sakaguchi, and Nomura). After coming up with diagrams for characters and settings, Nomura moved onto character designs. Most of the setting and things like the Turks and Shinra were Kitase and Sakaguchi's doing. One of the things he was involved with was Cloud's relationship with Sephiroth, and Nomura wanted Sephiroth to be a hero of the past that Cloud would be chasing after. The whole Lifestream and other related world concepts were Sakaguchi's creation.

Zack was created to answer the riddle about Cloud's memory loss. He was a character that suddenly popped up one day, and Nomura was in charge of those events. Because the stuff with Nibelheim wasn't completed until the end, it was largely a secret even to Nomura and Nojima."


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thugbob2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Don't give up on it just yet. You can't miss out on this...

"Director Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Versus XIII's gameplay will be a realistic derivation of Kingdom Hearts's battle system with some elements of a third-person shooter."

"Battles will take place in real-time environments using all regions of the field, from the tops of buildings down to street level. Nomura said that the game will feature battles that take place in areas with great differences in height, as shown in the trailer, and the players will have to fight using the full environment. This means fighting what's in front, as well as above and below (vertical battles). The battle interface consists of several aspects, mainly Magic, Item, Summons and EX-ARTS."

"The game also uses a real-time event system, allowing players to suddenly be attacked or trigger certain events while walking around. For example, when Noctis reaches a pedestrian bridge, a behemoth beast will attack. Another example is a plane crashing into the road. Implementing these kinds of real time events, which transition seamlessly into the flow of gameplay, takes a long time in terms of development, said Nomura"

"Like some of the previous games in the Final Fantasy series the game will feature large open fields in the world map which allow players to walk through almost anything on the field apart from the mountains. Nomura has also mentioned that the fields are truly vast and that it was very far to traverse from one end to another; thus, to facilitate easy navigation, the game will feature the return of vehicles such as an airship along with a form of fast travel between specific locations on the world map as well as a car, allowing players to easily traverse the large fields. Players can ride cars, aircraft and Chocobos; they can also steal tanks."

"Weapons will have some sort of customization such as elemental attacks as well. The trailer also showed Noctis warping around killing enemies. Nomura explained that players won't be able to warp freely to every spot but will be able to warp to the location where the sword is placed but is limited to an attack gauge. This is one area that is being tested on so it's a matter of time to see if this all makes it into the final product. Summon beasts are in the game and will have to be defeated to be used."

This game will be BEAST!!!

DragonKnight2712d ago

You keep spamming that tired old interview with every Versus XIII story that comes up, and you do it word for word. The current status of this "beast" as you call it is bordering on vaporware. There is no conceivable reason for this lack of information from SE unless they're trying, once again, to cover up a "this is going to Xbox 360" move, which would piss off Nomura and cause a lot press scandal.

SLLCKGT2712d ago

why is it everytime a developer takes their time to make a game as good as possible you have some kid bitching that its taking too long and their don't "care" anymore. Same crap I read about GT5. This is why games like COD do so well, we have a generation with such low standards they are like dogs. As long as they are hungry they don't care what you throw at them, even if its ****

CLOUD19832711d ago

The game is in development for 5 whole years and it will take at least 1 more year till release that's way too long imo it's not that we have low standards that's not normal even if the game is good in the end is it worth it to spent so much time to make a game? every1 know that the game will not sell more than 4-5 million some companies launch new games every 2-3 years and they get this sales anyway want some examples? the most famous exclusives on PS3 MGS4, UC2, GoW3 didn't take more than 2 to 2.5 years of development and all sell from 4 to 5 million+ SE spent 3 times more time to make a game that will have the same sales.. also if u spent 6 years to make a game it's obvious that some ppl that was interesting in the start will stop care maybe they r too old to still play games anymore example (some1 who see the first trailer when he was on high school after 6 years he finish high school and even university and start working already and stop care about games in general..)

maximus19852711d ago

@ cloud

good point man i a
m 26 now and still no versus 13. i already gave up on it, just saw this article to only be disappointed again

Rybnik2711d ago

@ Cloud. I understand your frustration.. but look at FF 12 That game did take 5 Years to make, yeah this one has taken 6 still it is a massive JRPG. Or all RPGs it seems that JRPG's are typically the longest between releases.. The main problem is that Square chose to show a concept trailer at E3 2006 before they even had a gameplay engine. Had this game been revealed..say last year, no one would be bitching nearly this much.

Lavalamp2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I'm still excited for Versus, and with all the games coming out a lot sooner, I'll definitely be preocuppied until its release.

iamtehpwn2712d ago

Nomura is Not retiring. He said this is the last Final Fantasy he wants to participate with, and after that, he plans on focusing solely Kingdom Hearts and developing new IP--which I prefer to see new Nomura IP.

Nomura's too young to retire btw. He just turned 40.

RedDead2711d ago

Just like to tell you guys, Full production of the game hasn't even started. Only a few key people are working on it. Thank you FFXIII. I can see why at least, Kitase is much more deserving of the time than Nomura, but damn it, he may have lost it.

maximus19852711d ago

wait 6 years later and they are just starting?!!!!! what the &@^#$&@#*$(@&[email protected](*$ &^%#*&[email protected]*&$(@$& ^(@^[email protected]*&$&(!&$(

Kos-Mos2711d ago

Why? Because it`s not rushed to end up like crappy cod, gow, gears, halo, mass effect wannabe special games made for the mainstream teen mentality?

Aloren2711d ago

Just cause it's western doesn't mean it's more rushed/crappy/for the mainstream teen mentality than japanese games.

Also, notice how the older the gaming audience gets, the less popular jrpgs are. Sounds like many people who played these when they were teens now moved on to other genres.

DaTruth2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

"Just cause it's western doesn't mean it's more rushed/crappy/for the mainstream teen mentality than japanese games."

No, he said they're crappy because they're rushed; not because they are western! The whole topic is a guy not caring about vs13 because it's taking so long to develop!

PS: I personally didn't say those games are crappy or rushed!

Louis_Guzman2711d ago

Wow Aloren, defensive much? Dude said squat about western games. Lay off the Bioware Koolaid, bro.

Aloren2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Yeah, he didn't say "western", but mentioned 5 major western franchise, qualified them as crappy, and for the mainstream teen mentality, all that when one guy said he didn't care for vs13. Actually, I don't think I was the defensive one here, bro.

But whatever, that's right, fair enough, he didn't say western. Not sure he picked randomly though...

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BinaryMind2711d ago

What is up with those names?! Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto? Don't give crap that they're latin or something. What happened to pronounceable character names?

It's that sort of pretentious writing that I hate about Nomura.

maximus19852711d ago

i know right! i read those names and thought, im all for creative names but i cant picture any one yelling gladiolus look out! id imaginge theyd give him a nick name like glade lol

Louis_Guzman2711d ago

I no dog, itz liek, why culdn't dey call 'em Soap or Puffy Daddy or masta shake or John Cena? I was liek Ignis?? WTF BRO iz dat sumthin' at da Olive garden yo? Lol! Oh wellz I gots ta go back to da trailer park ta defend my Gears of WAR title.

x5exotic2711d ago

Old people like pre-ff12 final fantasy
old people are pissed this game took so long
old people's favorite FFs are more than 10 games
Fact: old people like milked games
we like ff12 and 13, and versus soon only 3 games in 5 years
yet you talk about quality ffs..

maximus19852711d ago

who is this old man talking to, some one get his nurse

oli2711d ago

One would think thats how it would work, but as soon as those games are relesed, square announces some other spin-off or sequel that slows the FFvsXIII development

i hope it doesn't go to 360, but in the end i just want to play this. Been a while before i have felt this much anxiety to play a game this generation.

showtimefolks2711d ago

i can't wait whether its in 2012 or 2013 i will most likely get this game day one. This will be my first FF game i don't like turn based games so this is in real time if i understand correctly.

also KH 1-2 in HD would be a good start till we get KH3

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Arthas2712d ago

I'm tired of hearing about this game. It's been like 6+ years now.

Hoje03082712d ago

Yep, and with Demon's Souls already out and Dark Souls and Skyrim on the way (along with all the other games outside of the RPG genre), I find it hard to care for a game that we've seen so little of.

Nitrowolf22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I know. WTF is up with SE always showing it behind closed doors, it makes no F'n sense. I wanted this game way more when they announced it beside FF13 at the first showing, and now nearly 6 years later we have literally 2-3 trailers, this being the longest one

FF13 came out before it, FF13-2 prob will, and FF4 for PS3 prob gonna come out before it. FU SE

DaTruth2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

That trailer was really good though; I don't know if it makes me more frustrated in anticipation, or if it makes me feel it's worth the wait!

But it's hard to see that trailer and pretend I don't care anymore... I want to play that game!

BinaryMind2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@Nitro - Yeah, I like how they have a screenshot which they proclaim is to good to be real, and then refuse to show it to the public. What a bunch of bull.

TheBatman_Fanatic2712d ago

Well said! Versus XIII is the new Duke Nukem.

goku323592711d ago

except it wont end up being s**t

Lionalliance2712d ago

Oh come on Nomura!
Just hurry up!!

TheColbertinator2712d ago

Square should focus everything they have on Versus XIII.Enough is enough.

Da One2712d ago

They've actually done the know that right

TheColbertinator2712d ago

@Da One

Yeah I know.Releasing MMOs no one asked for,a music game no one needs,and a sequel to a game that we didn't like.

Kos-Mos2711d ago

You write like granny. "Enough is enough"

colonel1792712d ago

It would be awesome to have Kingdom Hearts 3 at some point in PS4, but not in the beginning (like 1st or 2nd wave). I would love to see this game with better graphics than FFvXIII. It would be amazing, and this game deserves it.

elbeasto862712d ago

I doubt Kingdom Hearts 3 would have better graphics than FFvsXIII just due to the Disney characters being there. They can't go photorealistic because then then the disney characters would look too out of place (and there's no way you're gonna see Goofy look like a realistic dog..) The graphics would be crisper and much nicer but really they shouldn't be compared to anything photorealistic. it would still look amazing tho on the PS4. :D

PshycoNinja2712d ago

I am thinking that Kingdom Hearts 3 will look a lot like the CGI in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep. Now that I think about it....


Sorry about that. I had to get that off my shoulders.

P.S. They should put Crisis Core on the store for Vita too when the system releases. That would make me extreamely happy.

CrescentFang2712d ago

(Not sure why I can't reply to elbeasto86, but this applies to colonel179's comment as well)
Remember how in port Royal Sora and Co. looked so strange compared to everything and everyone there lol
Of course good graphics don't have to be realistic, its just that KH doesn't have the realistic style, so you would really be able to compare it to FFvXIII