GameSpot: NHL 12 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Over the past few years, EA Sports has done an excellent job innovating its NHL series, and NHL 12 is expected to be no different. This year, the guys at EA Canada are introducing what they call their "hat trick of gameplay innovations," and we had the chance to see all three aspects in action".

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BryanBegins2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I love the NHL series, but two things really annoy me (when I play online, which is 95% of the time):

1) Most games end up being a contest of one-timer. That happens because it's still the best way to score. Sure you can shoot from the blue line and expect a deflection, but this isn't happening that often. I wish the improved AI will help for that. For instance the AI-controled player in front of my net (in defense) should be able to intercept the one-timer pass.

2) Glitch goals: ok ok I know they will never get rid of those as some cheeser online will always find a way, but still. For instance, I hate the wrap-around glitch where the goalie just moves stupidly and the player can score five-hole...

outlawlife2659d ago

agree completely, another one is the quick deke in front of the is guaranteed 95% of the time to score

I love the game but I go in with the mindset of playing like real hockey and get beat by the guy with one move that never fails

KingZFlipper2659d ago

I totally agree with you. Also, in EASHL (EA Sports Hockey League) there's a stupid glitch deke that 95% at the time the AI defenders can't do anything about, and that leads to a goal to the opponent which is extremely annoying. As a whole is NHL a really great sports game series.