Multiplatform Games: Better on PS3/360/PC? OXCGN Discusses


"We at OXCGN are known for our hard-hitting opinion articles.

"Sure, we do reviews. Sure, we do interviews. But at the end of the day, our bread and butter is that of opinion.

"And sometimes, these opinions can clash in what some men have deemed a ‘debate.’

"I got into it again with David Hilton, OXCGN’s second-in-command and resident historian, this time for a somewhat short contention…

"What is the best platform to play a multiplatform title on?"

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Proeliator2475d ago

Interesting debate (and short!).

gaminoz2475d ago

I agree there are pluses and minuses for each...but you can't beat free multiplayer :)

starchild2474d ago

ARe you talking about the PC or PSN?

Personally the PC is where I play most multi plats, the PS3 and 360 are for exclusives, and the 360 is also generally where I play console exclusives like Red Dead Redemption that I can't get on the pc.

fluffydelusions2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Depends on the game and who you play with. For me it is ps3 for others it could be 360 or PC

BadCircuit2475d ago

I think the PS3's free online is a big plus, but a lot of multiplatform games in the past have been better on 360.

I don't play a lot of multi, so those who have both, which do you find the better online experience? PSN or Live?

Proeliator2475d ago

Live, definitely.

The quality in general is much better. PSN is in and of itself a crappy service, no matter what argument you try to put out. Live is better because they get funding. PSN+ has improved it slightly, but overall Live will always be better.

BadCircuit2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Are you saying PSN is slower, more lag, or what about it is not as good. I've not had any trouble in AC: Bro with PSN.

MysticStrummer2475d ago

XBL is better at the social aspects of gaming. For actually playing a game, there is no difference except PSN has had more games on dedicated servers. Mic quality is better on XBL and the guaranteed party system is a plus, but I have no trouble grouping up and communicating with friends on PSN. Cross Game Chat is something I would disable if I had the option, and Custom Soundtracks I would only use on fighting and racing games, neither of which get much playtime from me. PSN+ hasn't done anything in relation to XBL. PSN+ and XBL are two totally different things. I don't know a single person who paid for XBL, then played on PSN, and still thought XBL was worth paying for.

consolez_FTW2475d ago

So, you think Live is better than PSN because they have "funding". LOL, than you insist on people not putting up an argument. wow, M$ brainwashing at its best right here folks.

zinkabassy2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

@MysticStrummer ,..

Yes you would need a lot of social aspect since your ms has no fucking games to play,.. So people chat over halo and cod,...

And don't justify them ripping you off and holding half of your fucking game for ransom (mostly all of them),..and yearly,..

I think if the crossgame chat and party system was optional,.. even as convenient and nice feature it is,.. 90 percent of you fuckers would not pay for it if you needn't have to pay for online play,..

Social features give me a fucking break,.. that is 7-10 games you could afford for that money trough lifespawn of the system,..but since they don't make any exclusive games for you guys, maybe it is not as not important to have,..

What they are doing, is ass-fucking related,.. And should be illegal (because you are not able to access large portions of your games and console) or your games should at least cost way less in general,..

MysticStrummer2474d ago

@zinkabassy - Reading is fundamental... as in read my comment. I'm a PS3 only gamer, but I know several people who bought 360s before the PS3 launched so I have played on XBL. It has some advantages concerning the social aspects of gaming but not gaming itself, which is what you would have read in my comment if you... you know... read it.

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1PC2PS333602475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )


dedicated servers
way way better graphics
better/more chat options
better/more control options
faster load/save times
more competitive
larger e-sport community
faster patches
more user customization


i like having all the consoles and a sweet pc

consoles are great for their exclusives, but I never buy a multiplat game on console, and there are TONS of games on pc that do not work on console that I enjoy

Turn based Strat
4x civ and space games
flash games

and those steam sales put everything on psn and xboxlive to SHAME!

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