4Player Review: F.E.A.R. 3 (Campaign)

There is no denying that FEAR 3 is an inferior game to its predecessors. I spent 9 hours with it and managed to find a lot of problems that I simply couldn’t overlook but somehow, I managed to enjoy it. In the end, I think I have affection for atmospheric-shooters, a genre that was pioneered by games like Bioshock and the original FEAR. Thanks to some solid shooting mechanics, a newly designed game structure, and healthy amount of brooding, I think there is still a lot to like about FEAR 3. Not to mention some exciting multiplayer modes and the ability to play co-op with a buddy and FEAR 3 is actually an impressive package. It is too bad that the overall experience will be inevitably compared to the games that came before it, games that adhere to the winning formula much better.

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Too much "Bang Bang Bang" and not enough "Aaaaarrgh". :-)