Wrestlers Unlikely To Feature In The WWE ’12 Roster

The WWE is a crazy business. Unlike in real sports, there’s no set time frame where people enter or leave the WWE. People are fired and hired pretty much throughout the entire year. This has proved to be quite a headache for the game developers to try and keep the roster as updated as possible. Not only that but there are some WWE Alumni who leave and cut all ties with the company altogether.

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ShadowKingx2716d ago

batista i can see not being in there

hulk hogan why not he was the reason wwe is what it is today

goldberg why not would love to see him back in the games DLC something

Misterhbk2716d ago

Hogan probably because he jumped ship to TNA. And no Hogan is not the reason for wrestling today. He's the reason for John Cena perhaps, another overrated terrible (in-ring) performer. Just like Hogan was