IGN Review :Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 offers 16 maps and thirteen multiplayer variants out of the box. PS3 and 360 support 18 players online (a number that could increase at a later date) with PC offering 32-player matches. Other than the number count, multiplayer is identical for all three systems. This is in terms of modes, map layouts, visual fidelity, and performance. Top to bottom, COD4 runs fantastically. On consoles you may see a few random moments of lag hit, but in my experience, these were so rare that I hardly noticed them.

Final Verdict 9.4

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solar4061d ago

blah, i really want to play this game. my pc cant handle it, and i cant imagine playing an online fps without a keyboard / mouse configuration. hope both you 360/ps3 guys have fun with the game. im sure it'll be great for both of ya's :D

akaFullMetal4061d ago

you could use keyboard and mouse on the ps3, u know that right??? well if you didnt there u go, have fun

solar4061d ago

no crap, i havent read that in any preview. i dunno if its a game for me vehicles...i like my c4 cars and super fast dune buggies. maybe ill have to rent it first.

Apocwhen4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

solar, as far as I know you cannot use keyboard/mouse with this game on PS3. If so I would like to be directed to an article stating otherwise.
The closest you might get to it is a Splitfish FragFX

solar4061d ago

ya, i want some proof also. i just cant fps on a console. :( im too slow

ruibing4061d ago

I know its possible with UT3, but not sure about CoD 4.

Apocwhen4061d ago

I feel your pain solar :)
I enjoy FPS games alot more playing with a keyboard/mouse.
I know alot of people go "if you want to play on a console use the controller. otherwise use a PC". But there are just some shooters on consoles that aren't on PC and consoles are a fraction of the cost of a PC that would produce the same graphical output. If developers were to implement it like UT3 where the server options let you specify k+m only, controller only or mixed it would work out fine for everyone. People who want to play k+m can go head to head with others using the same controls

solar4061d ago

i feel ya buddy. UT3 is going to look great, and gotta love the k+m config for the ps3 :D plus you dont have to worry about the hackers like you do the PC version.

i like my Fps's with nice graphics. other genre games i want my game play over graphics. Fps's, i need the graphics to be on-par with game play. guess I'm weird...

JsonHenry4061d ago

No, his game does not support KB+M on the PS3. Or at least if it does, no one has said anything about it. Can someone please post this information if it does in fact support that control scheme?

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4061d ago

if cod4 on ps3 did have k&m support someone from sony would have thrown it in ms face by now. you think that would be a major selling point(or at least some major flamebait)for the ps3 version if cod4 had k&m so i'm thinking no k&m support.

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Jack Bauer4061d ago

tomorrow isnt coming fast enough!!!!!

EZCheez4061d ago

Gamestop started selling it today. I picked up my copy in VA about two hours ago.

Jack Bauer4061d ago

yea some places have it but imma wait till tomorrow for CC and free CoD3 with it.

Jandre024061d ago

You gotta be from NoVA...

mighty_douche4061d ago


sorry, had to do it. oh can i just say 16xAA while im at it muhahaha

Danielson4061d ago

the ultimate FPS platform.