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GXC says: inFamous was the first game Sucker Punch developed for the PlayStation 3. After releasing three Sly Cooper titles, Sucker Punch decided to try something new. Moving to a more serious concept, open world gameplay and giving the players karmic choices, inFamous put players in the shoes of Cole MacGrath, an everyday-man turned savior (or enslaver) of Empire City. I’ve completed inFamous numerous times and enjoyed it every step of the way. After finishing my adventures and seeing the apocalyptic fate of Empire City, I was ready to fulfill my destiny in inFamous. But does the game fulfill its destiny as being better than it’s predecessor?

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thespaz2678d ago

I never thought Infamous would be the type of game I would like.

Wow, was I ever wrong about that. I love everything about this game. It's so much fun. I'm usually the type of gamer to play games like GTA (games with more realism), but Infamous 2 impressed me so much with the amount of cool things you can do and it's fun to learn new abilities and ninja (verb) your way around the city.