NY Jets QB’s Xbox 360 Red Rings, Sony Tells Him to Buy a PS3

RipTen: While some people send their Xbox back to Microsoft for repair, others ask Twitter for advice. NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez did the latter this morning, and luckily, Playstation’s Jeff Rubenstein saw the tweet.

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xPhearR3dx2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Oh snap.

Abash2688d ago

It's 2011 and 360's are still RRODing?

Hockeydud192688d ago

Yup. Not even joking my Pro system that I bought exactly a year ago today Red Ringed.

Persistantthug2688d ago

They didn't all just get whisked away by the game fairy.....

Or have they?

Ninferno2688d ago

that's crazy how they still havent figured it out.

YodaCracker2687d ago


Figured what out? The new 360 models have a failure rate equal to or possibly even lower than the PS3 Slims. Microsoft certainly figured it out, but there's nothing they can do about the old consoles that are still out there.

Corepred42687d ago

"The new 360 models have a failure rate equal to or possibly even lower than the PS3 Slims"

proof and sources or stfu.

EVILDEAD3602687d ago would be bigger news that he quarterback of the Jets couldn't simply buy a new 360 Slim and any other console he wanted at the same time.

Slim 4TW..


SilentNegotiator2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"It's 2011 and 360's are still RRODing?"
Contrary to fanboy belief, older 360 models did NOT transform into newer ones as new SKUs released. About 30/40 million people still own a defective model (I think it is VERY appropriate to call the launch model - and earlier models - that).

Don't worry, once that one research team releases new data, fanboys will turn the fact that models less than a year old, that were tested, have a 1% rate of failure, into a touted overall failure rate. Just like they did with the last one, where the less than a year old elite models got like a 1% failure rate and the fanboys were saying that the 360 failure rate had fallen below the ps3.

Do you always buy a new model from a company that screws you over? If you had a toaster start on fire due to defective wiring, would you go out and buy the 'NEW AND IMPROVED FIRE-FREE MODEL!!'? Or would you get a different, more reliable brand?

Lifendz2687d ago

"Figured what out? The new 360 models have a failure rate equal to or possibly even lower than the PS3 Slims."

lol. You should start a site and post that on here as a story. It'd probably get approved.

SixShotCop2687d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

Your response to EVIL is pure FAIL imo.

Have you ever owned a PS2? The console had all kinds of disk reading problems. Did you buy another one or switch to Nintendo?

Now what if PS3 owners get YLOD? Are you suggesting they buy an Xbox 360 or Wii?

darthv722687d ago

now to make the statement of "it's 2011 and 360's are still RROD" is pretty stupid.

To think that the newer slims erase the potential problem for older ones is also stupid. Many people have older units still in service. Not everyone traded them in for a slim just like not everyone who had an older ps3 traded theirs in for a slim.

RROD/YLOD is an "older model" problem that those who still use could potentially occur. Yes it is 2011 and yes an older 360 could still RROD.

My Dec 05 (launch timeframe) has been fixed once and still going. My elite had e74 problem and was fixed. My wii had audio failure and was fixed (had to pay for that). My older ps3 has not had a problem like ylod but it is acting funny.

Maybe i should tweet: my backwards comp 80gb ps3 is acting funny....any suggestions? Lets see if Jeff Rubenstein see that and helps me out too.

MasterCornholio2687d ago

How is that possible? Didnt they resolve the issue with the redesign?

Anyways i am pretty sure its much better than before.

And at the article ROFL funny as heck

SilentNegotiator2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


Don't be ridiculous. The PS2 and PS3 never had failure rates even half as high as the 360. Inherent issues (The 360 and the RROD) aren't equivalent to industry standard failure rates (PS2/PS3). You'll ALWAYS have an average failure rate, because nothing is 100% immune to failure. But I won't reward a company with more of my money because they created a "fixed" version of the device, after they sold me a device with GLARING design issues (See 'X-clamp').

Back to my analogy;
I wouldn't buy the "fixed" SKU of the toaster from the brand that sold me an inherently problematic device. I would buy a more reliable brand to replace it.

Death2687d ago

Failure rate is time based and also reflects in warranty repairs. All electronics will fail eventually. The launch 360s failure rate was high enough that Microsoft extended the warranty on three ring failures to three years. During that time period, nobody should have bought another system since the repair was free.

The Playstation and PS2's had a 90 day warranty. Failure rate within that time was acceptable or within industry standards. That does not mean they didn't break, when they did it was up to the customer to repair them or replace them. If anyone here is old enough to remember, the original Playstation was the console that made extended warranties so popular. I still hear stories about people with launch Playstations and PS2's but I've never met them. My Playstation number three is new in the box still and I am using my PS2 slim which is replacement number 4 on one of my tv's. Sony hardware for me atleast hasn't been the picture of reliable. Knock on wood, my 60 gig PS3 still works well as does one of my Xbox 360's that never needed repaired. My launch system failed multiple times, but never cost my a penny to be repaired. It's been working fine for a couple years now.


Echo3072687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


People seem to forget the steps MS took to rectify the problem. I'm willing to bet that most people that have had RROD have had their console replaced/fixed free of charge, or at least had that option over buying a new console. Not all, but most.

I've had mine for almost 5 years now and it's broken one time. I called up MS, sent it in and got my console back FOUR DAYS later. Not a random refurb, but the same console. Fixed. Free.

I'm on my second PS3 right now. Why? Because the first one broke over a year after purchase and Sony quoted me $75, just to open it up and look at it... not to even fix it.


That toaster argument is so ridiculous I actually laughed out loud when you brought it up for a second time. It might be relevant if there were over 100 different kinds of game consoles that did the exact same thing. But there's not. There's really only 2 and they each do very different things.

And yes, the PS2 had a terrible failure rate at launch. Thankfully, Sony fixed it quickly and it didn't turn in to the epidemic the MS has had to deal with, but that doesn't change the fact that it happened. Take your rose-tinted Sony-branded shades off for once.

FragMnTagM2687d ago

@silent negotiatior.

Your post kinda makes sense. BUT what if that particular toaster toasted things the other toasters didn't, toasted them faster, and toasted to your liking?

Wouldn't a new model of that same toaster you loved make sense to buy? It would to me.

I love my 360, as do I my PS3 and gaming PC. Your analogy is full of fail for me.

I like all the systems besides the Wii. If anything happened to them, I would fix/upgrade them...

slapedurmomsace2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@ death..oh the original PS, most people here probably aren't old enough to remember, but remember after 2 or so years you'd have to flip the PS upside down and play it that way because of the laser??? I can remember finding out that "fixed" the disk loading problem and was promptly back in Twisted metal 2 heaven (played that game to death) I'm not a fan boy of either the 360 or the ps3 but a fan boy of gaming, but can you imagine the crap any console would get for having to do that now?

oh and to Mr. Sanchez, why don't you take those millions ya haven't earned and just get a new one? Why would you even bother with the sending it back in or going to twitter? Why not just send someone on your payroll to go get you a new one pronto? But yes, even if you get a new xbox, get a ps3, you are missing out on some stellar titles, just like you would be if you were solely a 360 or wii gamer.

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XabiDaChosenOne2687d ago

Xbox 360s fail for life, literally.


So why do they make more money? lol

XabiDaChosenOne2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Because people have to keep shelling out money for the console, thus the term failing for life XD.
LOL @ the disagree, you mad bro?

Blaze9292687d ago

Jeff Rubenstein is just a douche (seriously, people who have spoken to the guy know this). Let it had been Aaron Greenburg or anyone form Microsoft saying this about a PS3 malfunction and the internetz would be going nuts.

Only on Playstation...

disagree away!

Nes_Daze2687d ago

Well that's just how it works, back in 2006 it was the other way around. There's no use in complaining.

FFXI1012687d ago

"Jeff Rubenstein is just a douche (seriously, people who have spoken to the guy know this)"

Why cause you know him personally or you spoke to him in person before?

So is ok for Aaron Greenburg be a douche but is not ok for someone who work at Sony to say "Get a PS3"???

Only on Playstation...? obviously you have problem with Sony/PS brand.

BlackTar1872687d ago

the old card . But if someone else did it.

come on grow up

showtimefolks2687d ago

to afford both but if he can have one ps3 is the one i would want because of all the exclusives. and been played with PS brand since ps1 days.

but he should have both


Are you talking about the PS3's Network? lol

Legion2687d ago

That is funny... kind of like the lawyers that hang out in the emergency ward hunting for clients. What do they call them... Ambulance Chasers? ha

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CrzyFooL2688d ago

He's gotta do something, not like he's got any football to play. #Lockout

Also, good advice Jeff ^__^

golsilva2688d ago

lol. jeff should have said, ill get you a free ps3 personally signed by kb.

jaredhart2688d ago

Could have been a classic Kevin Butler moment.

ElementX2687d ago

KB is a washed up has been. He was funny for a few commercials, then it got old. Glad he dropped off the radar.

FragMnTagM2687d ago

Thank you! Finally someone with some sense in their head. I seriously can't stand that dude. I could listen to Jack Tretton mumble on for hours before I would want to hear another KB "joke."

thugbob2688d ago

lol Sanchez doesn't know that he has to buy a new system?

Persistantthug2688d ago

Sanchez took his shot and scored....apparently.