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CheatCC says - Sony's long-standing anti-gravity racing series is gearing up for another launch into the stratosphere. Like previous titles, WipEout 2048 provides an insanely fast rip through unbelievable tracks and has you pummeling your opponents with all manner of weapons while trying to finish first. Yet after eight entries to the sixteen-year-old series, the same old formula may be wearing thin even for devout fans. Fortunately, the PS Vita's slew of new control features will be doing their best to bring a fresh approach to this iteration. Developer SCE Studio Liverpool is also changing a few gameplay parameters and taking full advantage of the system's online functionality.

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MasterCornholio2688d ago

Looks way better than need for speed on the 3DS. Cant wait to get my hands on this title. Because i am already loving Wipeout on the PS3.