Uncharted 3 Beta Rankings reset

Rankings for U3 Beta are being reset for individual gamers. Naughty Dog responds "We're looking into it. Stay tuned."

A discussion is taken place over at the Official forum. Link below.

Gamers are requesting credit for lost efforts.

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DrRichtofen2685d ago

"Gamers are requesting credit for lost efforts." lol what a joke doesn't the beta end tomorrow anyway?

Nitrowolf22685d ago

IDK, i got the user agreement error to and kept restarting my system because it kept freezing up on that screen, but i can see why some players would want something if they were close to rank 25. My rank didn't reset luckily.

Hoje03082685d ago

Was at a 28 but it didn't bother me to start over. It was kinda fun to listen to a level 30 yell in disbelief as he was getting owned by a 3. UC3 and BF3 are going to hurt my social/school life this fall.

LOGICWINS2685d ago

^^It's even funnier when you own someone and they call you a lagger/camper lol. I've never encountered so many cry babies in an MP game in my life. Why is it so hard for people to admit that someone is better than them?

GamerSciz2685d ago

Beta ends July 15th but nothing XP wise is being carried over to the final game so who cares if it gets reset. Sheesh...

cemelc2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Ppl are crying for the rewards you unlock for playing u3

Spitfire_Riggz2685d ago

Yeah the thing that we are worried about is not getting the rewards we worked so hard for

TAILWHIP2685d ago

perhaps it was assumed your ranks will pass over to the official release.

JonnyBigBoss2685d ago

Ranks have never passed over from beta with ANY GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED.

Quit whining folks.

Nitrowolf22685d ago

I got stuck on the screen but my rank didn't reset.

TAILWHIP2685d ago

you got lucky, my rank is now reset, i was ranked over 35. It sucks playing coop now, your boosters helped allot, no point in playing competitive mode anymore, seeing as the resets were not mutual and it will take to long to rank back up to compete on a fair level.

MidnytRain2685d ago

The co-op kickbacks are kinda lame anyway. Insta-healing your team and yourself from anywhere makes things easy and not nearly intense as UC2's co-op.

TAILWHIP2685d ago

well you can just avoid them if your good enough, some could barely get through it on u2. this makes it fun for all skill levels :p

This is the way a game should be made, considering the scale of audience for a triple a title like U3, it makes sure nobody is left behind.

Focker4202685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Boo hoo, I lost all of my progress last week (I was lvl 41) when my PSN username was banned for being too inappropriate. After 4 years of using this username it was terminated. All because I was posting on the Naughty Dog forums trying to 'help' them, and because of my help I got banned for it.

These users lost their progress w/ one day left in the beta, I lost all of my progress from most of my multiplayer games altogether, as well as my trophies and my entire friends list. Beta was fun, too bad the moderators didn't take kindly to my name. (which was Focker420 btw), 4 years of my life down the drain.

The beta was good, but not worth everything that I had lost. And just so everyone knows I'm not blaming Naughty Dog for any of this. I blame the small minded moderator that banned me.

Hoje03082685d ago

Same thing happened to me last month when I got into a game of KZ3 with a mod. Had my name for 4 years as well without a problem until I ran into this douche. Sony let me change my name, so at least my rankings have stayed.I did lose 14 platinum trophies though.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2685d ago

If your story is true , then fck sony. fck sony for not having the resources , to give you a opportunity to change your user name. 4yrs of loyalty building a gamer score with their brand, and no option to keep your platnums.

Focker4202685d ago

Yep I was trophy level 14, w/ 12 or 13 platinums. I did get to change my name but I lost all of my trophies, my entire friends list, and a bunch of multiplayer games have my progress erased.

Lets just say my enthusiasm for playing games has faded a bit. Losing everything really annoyed me. Whats sad is that I can currently create a new PSN ID w/ the word Focker in it, but I wouldn't dare for fear of being banned again.

Danielmccue2685d ago

Wow that sucks man, have a bubble to ease your pain :(

M-Easy2685d ago

Same thing happened to a friend of mine but when he changed his name he kept all of his trophies and everything he bought from the PS Store. Your story is fishy or you didn't follow instructions correctly.

Focker4202685d ago

Theres nothing fishy about my story, one morning I tried signing onto my account and it said I can't access the PSN with that account. I called tech support and they told me my name was inappropriate and that I needed to have it changed.

I followed instructions perfectly, I asked the guy if I would get to keep all of my stuff and he said I would definitely lose my friends list, and I had the possibility of losing my trophies, (which I lost).

My new user name is

Send me a friend request and you can check out my trophies for yourself, I lost them all and I'm back to trophy level 1.

If you think I'm trolling then you're sadly mistaken, and as alot of people know I use to be quite the Sony fanboy a while back.

Yes I got to keep all of the things I purchased (obviously), but all of my trophies and my rankings/levels in certain multiplayer games are gone. Mainly because the save data has me listed as Focker420, and not by my new username.

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