PlanetXbox360 Review: Call of Duty 4 - 9.9/10

Considering the amount of stuff that is packed into the box from the beginning it is easy to see the passion that the developers were working with. An intense/amazing single-player mode with tons of replay options and one of the deepest/involved multiplayer modes ever seen help create the best game's ever created. From the opening video this game screams big-budget movie and that quality continues through the entire game. The length and difficulty may attempt to push some gamers away but there are so many things that the developers do perfect these small complaints should not even be made. There is no amount of hype that could get gamers ready for what Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare actually is, the perfect game.

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ATLRoAcH4059d ago going to love this game.

MK_Red4059d ago

There is always someone who hates but that's not me. I LOVE this game. 10/10

ichimaru4059d ago

AND ANOTHER ONE...... another AAA

UltimaEnder4059d ago

It's a great game, you should all check it out ASAP!