YourEMGN: FIFA 11 Review

YourEMGN: "September 28, 2010 was a very important date in the gaming year as the latest game in the FIFA series was released. FIFA 11 took playing football/soccer on your gaming console to the next level with much improved graphics, new personality+ engine and Pro passing. The personality+ engine gave players their individuality with their real world skills and moves integrated into the game. With this feature, traits were introduced as well which gave players a boost in a certain area of skills. For example, Hangeland who plays for Fulham at centre back has the headed trait as in reality; this is one of his main strengths. This new engine made the game feel more realistic in the sense that players were now acting and moving as they would in real life, giving the gamer more choice and flexibility to which team and players they wish to use in online Ranked matches and Ultimate team."

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Cerberus292714d ago

Seriously... a review for a game that came out almost a year ago?!