YourEMGN: FIFA 12 Preview

YourEMGN: "We have spoken a lot about FIFA 11 but with FIFA 12 just around the corner, it’s only fair we look into the new features we can expect from the new game.

Firstly, tactical defending is now being introduced into the upcoming title. This will bring a breath of fresh air to the game as defending at the moment is like playing a hack and slash game. Smashing that A/X Button! Or holding down the A/X button for that case. Hopefully tactical defending will make sure you are more aware of the positions of your defenders when controlling them, not allowing them to turbo charge you while holding down the A/X button without consequences will be key. Also another problem is with the AI currently in Fifa 11, they are terrible at positioning when trying to defend corners or crosses. They get themselves in terrible places and 8/10 crosses are won by the attacking player without a meaningful challenge from a defender."

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