At what age should you stop playing video games?

At what age do you have to say goodbye to your video games? Should you walk away from your favorite pastime at age 20? Perhaps 30? How about in your 40s?

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Arthas2593d ago

When arthritis wont let you hold the controller anymore.

thugbob2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

At what age should you stop playing with toys?
At what age should you stop watching cartoons?
At what age should you stop playing video games?

There is no age when you should stop. You stop when you feel like stopping. You stop when you no longer enjoy it.

I expect this type of ignorance from kids not adults. I once told people on a Naruto forum that were over 18 that they had no life being on a forum that was for kids. A wise man posted in response "you'll one day find out that just because you turn 18 does not mean you have to stop enjoying the things you enjoy." He was right. I'm 19 now and I still enjoy watching Naruto.

The same goes for gaming. Just because you turn 30 or 40 or any age does not mean you have suddenly stop playing video just because everyone thinks it's weird. If YOU still enjoy it then YOU continue playing.

Spitfire_Riggz2592d ago

Well said bob!! Why stop doing things that make you happy?? Society frowns on heavy drug use but Ill never get off the crack pipe!! NEVER... *Scratch scratch*

Im just kidding haha. Keep doing the things that make you happy unless its bad for you!! And gaming is only bad for you in extreme doses, BUT what ISNT bad for you in large quantities anyway??

kneon2592d ago

I'm 46 and play more games than I ever have before. The kids are older now so I have more time to play and I can now afford as many games, consoles or PCs as I want. And despite my "advanced age" my reaction time is better than most kids a quarter my age.

But I've found that most games are still designed to appeal to 14 year old boys, over inflated boobs, unwarranted drug and sexual references, over the top ridiculous gore etc. Many of the top franchises are rather juvenile.

darthv722592d ago

I'd say when aging stops. In other words....when your dead.

No need to give up on a good thing. Now if the question was at what "financial point" should you stop playing games? then the answer would be when you have run out of things to sell. Including yourself.

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Ilikegames762592d ago

Arthritis or operation didn't stop Grandma Hardcore from playing. Playing video games actually helps us by keeping our brain active and in some cases reflexes sharp.

TheDareDevil2592d ago

You should stop playing video games when you are 30 because when the clock strikes 12 when you are 29 years and 364 days old it suddenly becomes embarrassing

Simple Answer: You should stop playing video games when you don't enjoy it anymore.

TheLastGuardian20102592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

It feels that videogames are a cause of hate. Like for some, odd, reason there still considered childish, and foolish, and just plain nonsensical for an adult to do.

Yet has the media (who write ignorant articles like such) never played a game like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Red Dead Redmeption, L.A Noire, etc. that probably rival the originality of 100 million blockbusters in film.

Or do they still think we are only secluded to games like gta, and mario?

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Arthas2593d ago

Regarding the video... when will these old bitches stop trying to dress like they're teenagers?

DeadlyFire2592d ago

I will build my own augmentations if I must to keep me playing games.

Focker4202593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Whenever you aren't enjoying it anymore, then you should stop. Thats the only logical answer. You shouldn't stop playing just because the conformist society tells you to. If its something you enjoy then there is no reason why you can't continue to play video games.

People watch tv all their lives, how are video games any different. Its just interactive television, and probably more beneficial to your brain function and motor skills as you grow older.

I'd say if you were to choose between video games and tv, video games are better for you health wise. But because video games are commonly associated with children society believes they are a negative, even though the average gamer is in their mid-thirties.

It just shows the ignorance and hypocrisy of some, they will sit and watch movies and tv for hours on end, but then bash others for playing video games.

Arcee2592d ago

As long as you feel like playing video games then you have the right to play video games. No one can tell you when to stop. That is something you decide on your own.

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