The Truth Behind 'Xbox Music'

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer gave a keynote yesterday during the Worldwide Partner Conference and it was widely reported that Ballmer revealed a new feature for the Xbox 360. Dubbed ‘Xbox Music’ this new feature was detailed as part of the 2012 Xbox experience and would see release this Christmas. Now, while there is some truth to the claims suggesting such a thing was stated by Ballmer, the context in which it was taken was incorrectly reported as there is no such feature coming to the Xbox 360 known as ‘Xbox Music’.

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Arthas2560d ago

The truth is, it's going to fail.

FEARprototype2560d ago ShowReplies(1)
manumit2560d ago

whats going to fail? People saying "xbox music"? haha read the article dude.

StarWolf2560d ago

too bad its not "Xbox Games" . I regret my Xbox purchase. They have all this crap in the XBL like espn facebook and all this other bs but hardly anything decent to play that I cant get on my Ps3.

Arthas2560d ago

Agreed, i never touch mine anymore

manumit2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

So its still Zune? So the media have twisted words? All you do is say "Xbox music" and it takes you to the Zune player. what a Fu**ing balls up.